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Patch: 3.0 and trunk: gcj, gcc.c, and %O

If you link a simple Java program with `-v' you'll see something odd:

creche. gcj -v --main=HelloWorld -o H HelloWorld.o
[ ... ]
 as -V -Qy -o /tmp/cccL8Gypmain%O /tmp/ccGHLIAKmain.s

The odd thing is the `%O'.

This %O comes from a spec in gcc/java/jvspec.c:

	[ ... ]
              %{!S:as %a %Y -o %d%w%umain%O %{!pipe:%Umain.s} %A\n }";

I think this %O should be changed to `.o' by the driver.
And in fact I tracked this down to a bug in gcc.c.

Here is the fix.  I am not really sure how to test it completely.  I
don't know every possible use of `%O' in every spec.

However, it does do the right thing for gcj, and the resulting
compiler does work on my x86 Linux box -- it managed to rebuild all
the target libraries.

If you read the old code you can see it is clearly wrong -- it
computes `saved_suffix' but then never actually uses it.

I would like to check this in on the branch and the trunk.

2001-05-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcc.c (do_spec_1): In `%O' case, if we computed saved_suffix,
	use it in the new association.


Index: gcc.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/gcc.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.205.2.10 gcc.c
--- gcc.c	2001/05/01 18:56:21
+++ gcc.c	2001/05/10 22:31:06
@@ -4281,7 +4281,8 @@
 		      && t->unique == (c != 'g'))
-		/* Make a new association if needed.  %u and %j require one.  */
+		/* Make a new association if needed.  %u and %j
+		   require one.  */
 		if (t == 0 || c == 'u' || c == 'j')
 		    if (t == 0)
@@ -4291,7 +4292,13 @@
 			temp_names = t;
 		    t->length = suffix_length;
-		    t->suffix = save_string (suffix, suffix_length);
+		    if (saved_suffix)
+		      {
+			t->suffix = saved_suffix;
+			saved_suffix = NULL;
+		      }
+		    else
+		      t->suffix = save_string (suffix, suffix_length);
 		    t->unique = (c != 'g');
 		    temp_filename = make_temp_file (t->suffix);
 		    temp_filename_length = strlen (temp_filename);

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