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Patch installed: bye bye NULL_PTR

Its been about a week since I removed the last traces of NULL_PTR from
the gcc directory (except for chill.)  I've seen no complaints or
problem reports, so I installed the following obvious cleanup after a
bootstrap on solaris2.7.


2001-05-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* ansidecl.h (NULL_PTR): Delete.

diff -rup orig/egcs-CVS20010502/include/ansidecl.h egcs-CVS20010502/include/ansidecl.h
--- orig/egcs-CVS20010502/include/ansidecl.h	Tue Apr  3 20:46:27 2001
+++ egcs-CVS20010502/include/ansidecl.h	Thu May  3 14:19:39 2001
@@ -161,16 +161,6 @@ Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suit
 #endif	/* ANSI C.  */
-/* This is for GCC, which has historically used typed null pointer
-   constants.  It needs to be here so it is seen by headers included
-   by gcc's config.h.
-   FIXME: GCC probably doesn't need to use typed nulls anymore.
-   Clean it up, then remove this.  Ware variable-argument functions.  */
-#ifdef IN_GCC
-# define NULL_PTR ((PTR) 0)
 /* Using MACRO(x,y) in cpp #if conditionals does not work with some
    older preprocessors.  Thus we can't define something like this:

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