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Re: BROKEN_LDEXP - still useful?

> > Without knowing what exactly the "sysv*" stuff is trying to match, I'm
> > guessing that a catch-all for the esoteric Unixen like Dell, UHC, Esix, 
> > Consensys and such.   I think those are even less likely to be in active
> > use than ISC.     If, OTOH, it matches something else, then it might be
> > less dead than I'm suggesting.
> I cannot be certain, but it *appears* that the current config.guess
> will never generate a triple matching i?86-*-sysvX* where X <= 4.
> sysv4* and sysv5* are caught by different config.gcc logic.

So if it will never hit on sysvX where x<=4 and sysv4 and sysv5 are
handled completely differently, are you saying that it hits only for
sysvX with x>6?  

I'm a  senior staffer of the trademark holder of "System V" and know
of no System V Release 6. :-)

> You didn't say anything about i?86-*-lynxos*...

I should have been clearer that I know less about it.   There was a Lynxos
for IA32 in the late 80's or early 90's that was approximately based on the
System V/386 sources (and therefore looked a lot like ISC)  but had 
realtime-ish things added.    There is a current Lynxos, but I think it's
more Linux-ish.   I don't know which this would match.

I can't recall having seen any reports/activity on this target, either.


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