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Re: Disappearing labels fix

  In message <01050722080802.16840@enzo.bigblue.local>you write:
  > > OK.  CSE does things a little diffferently between 2.95 and 3.0 which
  > > requires jump.c to work a little differently -- probably.  I'm still
  > > pondering a design/implementation question in my head about how CSE
  > > ought to work.
  > Hehe, so you are deep into CSE now?
I'm not that deep.  It's simply a matter of deciding how best to handle
the case where we fold a table jump into a simple jump.  I'd really prefer
to leave removal of the dead crud that creates to later passes.  However
the jump table itself is a different matter -- in a lot of ways it would
be easier to remove it at the same time we fold away the table jump.

  >  Maybe you can approve my CSE patch posted 
  > yesterday then after you are finished :-).
I don't have a copy and unfortunately, I'm not really planning to go find
it right now.  I've got enough on my plate to take care of at the moment.

  > If I should test anything for you, let me know.
No need.  I've got everything I need here.  Thanks for the offer though.

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