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[patch] Clearer description of MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS

	This patch corrects and clarifies an incorrect description of the
format of MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS in a comment in genmultilib, and adjusts
gcc.texi's description of MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS to refer to this comment.

2001-05-02  Matt Hiller  <>

	* genmultilib: Fix the comment describing the script's fourth
	* gcc.texi (MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS): Add reference to above comment.

Index: gcc/genmultilib
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/gcc/genmultilib,v
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -u -r1.6 genmultilib
--- gcc/genmultilib	2000/05/09 19:55:47	1.6
+++ gcc/genmultilib	2001/05/02 23:25:53
@@ -47,8 +47,29 @@
 # appear in the first argument, and the second should be a synonym for
 # it.  Question marks are replaced with equal signs in both options.
-# The optional fourth argument is a list of multilib directory 
-# combinations that should not be built.
+# The optional fourth argument is a list of exceptions: multilib
+# combinations that should not be built.  The elements in the list are
+# separated by spaces.  Each element should correspond to a multilib
+# directory path.  The elements of the list, however, should refer to
+# each element of the path using its option name rather than its
+# corresponding directory name.  In other respects the elements of the
+# list act like multilib directory paths: options are separated by
+# slashes, the order in which they appear is important, and * can be
+# used to match all or part of one or more options (though the
+# mechanism by which this happens is case pattern-matching rather than
+# globbing.)
+# For example in,
+#   genmultilib 'msoft-float EL mfoo'
+#               'msoft-float el mfoo'
+#               ''
+#               'msoft-float/EL*' ...
+# the fourth argument prevents the msoft-float/EL and msoft-float/EL/mfoo
+# multilibs from being built. If the fourth argument were
+#               'msoft-float/el*'
+# or
+#               'EL/msoft-float*'
+# it would have no effect.
 # The optional fifth argument is a list of options that should be
 # used whenever building multilib libraries.
Index: gcc/gcc.texi
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/gcc/gcc.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.84
diff -u -r1.84 gcc.texi
--- gcc/gcc.texi	2001/05/01 00:39:58	1.84
+++ gcc/gcc.texi	2001/05/02 23:25:53
@@ -4311,7 +4311,9 @@
 Sometimes when there are multiple sets of @code{MULTILIB_OPTIONS} being
 specified, there are combinations that should not be built.  In that
 case, set @code{MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS} to be all of the switch exceptions
-in shell case syntax that should not be built.
+in shell case syntax that should not be built.  The order in which they
+appear is important; see the comments in the @file{genmultilib} script for
+more details.
 For example, in the PowerPC embedded ABI support, it is not desirable
 to build libraries compiled with the @samp{-mcall-aix} option

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