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Re: PATCH: XFAIL tests that aren't regressions

>>>>> "Franz" == Franz Sirl <> writes:

    Franz> Nope, but it is an "obvious fix" and a lot easier than to
    Franz> mess with all the XPASS now. It will take a while until all
    Franz> the port maintainers will update the .x file and will just
    Franz> produce a lot of avoidable noise til then.

Heck, we can just remove the test if it's that annoying.  

The 3.0 branch has only one purpose: get the release done.  We don't
need to have truth and beauty there -- just efficacy.  Of course, if
they coincide, that's good.  And we do want truth and beauty for the
mainline, so a lot of times getting a patch that works both places
means doing the truthful beautiful thing, which is fine too.

The point is that I don't want end-users to see FAILs, and I do want
them to be able to do `make check' to verify their installation, but
beyond that we don't really need to care about the testsuite on the

    Franz> I still vote for both :-) OK? ;-)

No, not yet. :-)

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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