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Re: PATCH: XFAIL tests that aren't regressions

>>>>> "Franz" == Franz Sirl <> writes:

    >>  What benefit to we get out of moving the test on the branch?
    >> Will we test things better, or will users see fewer unexpected
    >> failures?

    Franz> Well, the test passes fine on PPC and other platforms, and
    Franz> I checked it passes on x86 when in the ieee dir. The only
    Franz> thing I don't know for sure is if the bug still would
    Franz> trigger with -ffloat-store on PPC, but as far as I remember
    Franz> the bug, it was about handling UNKNOWN comparison codes and
    Franz> that should be independent of -ffloat-sttore.

You didn't answer the question.  :-)

What benefit to we get from moving the test *on the branch*?  Will the
compiler become more reliable?  Will I get to announce the release any
sooner? :-)

To me, it doesn't seem likely from what you say, although I think your
arguments about -ffloat-store and such make sense for the mainline.

So, I think your plan is good for the mainline, and we should do
nothing for the branch.


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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