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Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix 2258

"Joseph S. Myers" wrote:

> Could you also document USING_STMT in c-tree.texi?


Dr Nathan Sidwell   ::   ::   CodeSourcery LLC
         'But that's a lie.' - 'Yes it is. What's your point?' : :
2001-05-01  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* c-tree.texi (USING_STMT): Document.

Index: c-tree.texi
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/gcc/c-tree.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -c -3 -p -r1.11 c-tree.texi
*** c-tree.texi	2001/05/01 00:39:58	1.11
--- c-tree.texi	2001/05/01 14:35:47
*************** This predicate holds if the function an 
*** 1373,1378 ****
--- 1373,1379 ----
  @findex TRY_HANDLERS
  @findex HANDLER_BODY
+ @findex USING_STMT
  @tindex WHILE_STMT
  @findex WHILE_BODY
  @findex WHILE_COND
*************** be an expression that should be executed
*** 1687,1692 ****
--- 1688,1699 ----
  the try block.  It must rethrow the exception after executing that code.
  And, if an exception is thrown while the expression is executing,
  @code{terminate} must be called.
+ @item USING_STMT
+ Used to represent a @code{using} directive. The namespace is given by
+ @code{USING_STMT_NAMESPACE}, which will be a NAMESPACE_DECL. This node
+ is needed inside template functions, to implement using directives
+ during instantiation.
  @item WHILE_STMT

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