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  • 2001-04-19 03:49 Richard Earnshaw

    Re: "new" warnings on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

    #pragma GCC java_exceptions - now with documentation!

    -dT option to dump trees

    Re: -dT option to dump trees (patch addendum)

    .stabs statements refer to symbol not in source

    Re: 100's of FAILs in g++ testsuite under hpux 10.20

    Re: 2.95.4 plans

    2.95: Backport reload_combine fix

    2.95: Fix infinite recursion in combiner.

    2.95: Remove compiler warnings in libstdc++

    Re: 32->64 bit cross compilers

    8 byte long for x86-64

    <fstream.h> and filebuf

    [2.95.4 PATCH] MIPS block initializers

    [2.95] patch for ARM PIC

    Re: [bugs] csinl broken?

    Re: [bugs] Next long double problem: cacos

    Re: [bugs] Still open bug

    [C++ PATCH] Fix 2368

    [C++ PATCH] Fix bug 1844

    [C++ PATCH] Fix bug 1917

    [C++ PATCH] fix bug 2125

    [C++ patch] Fix bug 2510

    [C++ PATCH] Fix bug 2608, a regression

    [C++ PATCH] Fix inlined_stmts computation for inline throttling

    Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix inlined_stmts computation for inlinethrottling

    [C++ PATCH] Tweak class layout

    [C++ patch]: Exception emergency space

    [C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 1944

    [C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 2139

    [C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 2356

    [C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 2559 (long long template parms)

    [C++ PATCH]: Uninteresting cleanup patch

    [c++] conditional expr abort

    [comitted patch] calls.c: Fix a comment typo.

    [comitted patch] h8300.c: Fix a comment typo.

    [comitted patch] sparc.c, i960.c: Fix a comment typo.

    [DOCS] Re: i686 bootstrap problem

    [Fortran]: Fix for PR fortran/2018

    [Fortran]: Removed g77.f-torture/execute/short.x

    [g++-testsuite] Convert g++.robertl/eb42.C to new style headers

    [g++] update deprecated bits in testsuites.

    [i386] Document -mmmx, -msse, and -msse2.

    [i386] Remove -mmmx and -msse from 3.0 Branch

    [libstc++] Problems with ext/slist (patch included)

    [libstdc++ patch] Fix to std::equal and bug c++/2406

    [libstdc++] New implementation of concept checking

    [libstdc++] Patch for include/bits/stl_iterator_base_types.h

    Re: [libstdc++] Proposed patch for fstream.h

    [libstdc++]: Proposed patch for libstdc++/2694

    RE: [PATCH 2.95.4] Final version of EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX changes [was Re: [patch RFC]]

    Re: [PATCH 2.95.4] Final version of EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX changes [wasRe: [patch RFC]]

    [PATCH 2.95.4] Fix VxWorks varargs [was [RFD/PATCH 2.95.4] vxworks-varargs.patch]

    [PATCH 2.95.4] Offer backward compatible abi for vxworks

    [patch] --enable-c-mbchar trivial tweak

    [PATCH] 2.95: turn off DEFAULT_VTABLE_THUNKS

    [PATCH] Add more sbitmap compatibility to bitmaps

    [PATCH] Add ternary search trees to libiberty

    Re: [PATCH] An additional reg-stack asm check

    [patch] args to genmultilib needs to be protected

    [PATCH] backslash-space-newline in comments

    [PATCH] c-format support for string literals plus constant addends

    Re: [PATCH] c-format support for string literals plus constantaddends

    [PATCH] Check error_mark_node in expand_inline_function

    [patch] disable shared libgcc for ppccomm EABI target

    [Patch] Don't make zlib unless enable-languages=java

    Re: [Patch] Don't make zlib unless enable-languages=java [corrected]

    [patch] don't use virtual reg in libcall after instantiation


    [patch] expr.c: Confusion between bytes and bits?

    [PATCH] Fix -m386 and -m486 deprecation notices

    [PATCH] Fix build process on powerpc-linux-gnu

    [PATCH] Fix cpp to match cpp.texi in respect to warnings

    Re: [PATCH] Fix fold-const comparisons with 0x7fffffffU

    [PATCH] Fix for lazy decl_rtl bug in dwarf2out.c

    [PATCH] Fix gcc driver %. handling

    [PATCH] Fix GCSE and CSE with REG_EQUIV

    [Patch] fix in storing function return register in a temp when register classes are small

    [PATCH] Fix ix86_expand_int_movcc

    [PATCH] Fix null pointer deletion optimization

    [PATCH] Fix ObjC vs. shared libgcc

    [PATCH] Fix SUBREG_BYTE related ICE on ia64

    [PATCH] Fixing mauve builds, java/2361.

    [PATCH] fixup_var_refs_insns_with_hash

    [PATCH] gcj.texi typo fix.

    [PATCH] h8300.c: Remove eightbit_data initialization requirement

    Re: [PATCH] Handle STRICT_LOW_PART in ifcvt

    [PATCH] IA64 and -G NUM

    [PATCH] ia64 ICE fix

    [Patch] Inline thread backend functions in GNU ObjC runtime

    [patch] Integer overflow when folding constants

    [PATCH] Java: fixing java/1315.

    [PATCH] jv-scan fixes.

    [PATCH] Location lists, with dwarf 2.1 support

    [PATCH] Optimize sprintf into strcpy if possible

    [PATCH] Optimize sprintf into strcpy if possible (take 2)

    [PATCH] Optimize sprintf into strcpy if possible (take 3)

    [PATCH] Optimize sprintf into strcpy if possible (take 4)

    [PATCH] other/2551: Successful g++ testsuite executables not deleted on cygwin

    [PATCH] Re: A clue for the libstdc++ problem.

    [PATCH] Re: target/2273: [Alpha/Tru64 UNIX V5.1] SEGV in long double code

    [PATCH] Remove cruft from xm-cygwin.h

    [PATCH] SHF_MERGE support for gcc

    [PATCH] SHF_MERGE support for gcc (take 2)

    [patch] typo in boehm-gc, 3.0 branch

    [patch] Why 300-line functions are bad.

    [PATCH]: Add support for outputting dwarf2 location lists

    [Patch]: minor inlining in Objective-C runtime

    [Patch]: Speed objc_mutex_lock by removing function call

    [PATCHES] cygwin patch for w32api search and exception handling

    Re: [patches] Don't use load_pic_register for x86-64

    Re: [patches] Re: x86_64 merger part 32 - trampolines

    [preliminary patch] Remove duplicates in libgcc.a

    [Solaris 8/Intel] cc chokes on inline static

    [Solaris 8/Intel] Wrong -m<arch> deprecation messages

    [Solaris 8/SPARC V9] Typo in STARTFILE_SPEC

    [Tru64 UNIX V5] Define __X_FLOAT for proper long double support

    [v3,trunk] disable a concept check for std::transform

    [v3,trunk] Re: example of killer doxygen formatting

    [v3,trunk] Replace old macro

    [v3/wwwdocs] fix minor typo

    [v3/wwwdocs] Update for new snapshot

    [v3] find doxygen in user's PATH

    Re: [v3] activate dejagnu

    [v3] backward headers part one, gcc bits

    [v3] backward headers part one, libstdc++ bits

    [v3] c99 names and std, again

    [v3] concept check macros, excess-errors

    [v3] CXX tweaks, libstdc++/2609

    [v3] dejagnu support for simple cross compilers

    [v3] doxygen tweaks

    [v3] enable warning for backward headers

    [v3] long long refinements

    [v3] long long, c99 support

    [v3] prepare for release...

    Re: [v3] slight bugfix for tests_flags.in

    [v3] std::equal using wrong concept check

    [v3] sync_with_stdio

    [v3] target/testsuite/CXX refinements

    [v3] uglify concept-checking code

    [www patch] Update a link.

    RE: [wwwdocs patch] adding a table of contents to the projects file

    [wwwdocs] Addition to gcc-3.0/features.html

    [wwwdocs] Additions to gcc-3.0/features.html

    [wwwdocs]: gcc-3.0/features.html: Point to Fortran online documentation

    [wwwdocs]: Updated gcc-3.0/features to reflect Fortran improvements.

    __ia64_app_header must be weak

    Re: _Unwind_RaiseException problem

    Re: `make install` should install the info files in java

    actually sign-extending CONST_INTs in expand_binop

    add missing period to contribute.html

    Re: Aliasing patch

    aliasing, load and store motion patch

    another leb128 detection tweek

    anyone know address of fastjar author?

    Applying SYMBOL_REF patch to dwarf2out.c

    ARM: Add support for generating .p2align directives

    Assorted PA32 HPUX fixes

    Basic block profiler out of libgcc

    Re: Behavior of -Wtraditional WRT numeric suffixes and docs

    BIG ENDIAN bug fix for cp/decl2.c:get_guard_bits

    Bogus -D_GNU_SOURCE in cp/lang-specs.h

    bug fix for gcc.c-torture/execute/20001203-2.c

    Re: bug fix for reload reg selection

    builtin_setjmp_receiver expander for SH

    C PATCH: Lazy DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME dump breakage

    C++ and Java CNI: Check Java references

    Re: C++ Issue on GCC 3.0 branch

    C++ PATCH to build_throw

    C++ PATCH to decl_namespace_list

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in function prototype

    Re: C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of abstract class in functionprototype

    C++ PATCH: Diagnose use of unnamed classes in extern fns

    C++ PATCH: Fix DWARF2 bootstrap failure

    C++ PATCH: Fix enum precision bug

    C++ PATCH: Fix pointer-to-member regression

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR 1014

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR 1782

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR 862

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR112

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR2133

    C++ PATCH: Fix PR2207

    C++ PATCH: Fix static11.C

    C++ PATCH: Fix thunk problem

    Re: C++ PATCH: Throttle inlining

    C++ PATCH: Throw restrictions

    C++ PATCH: Tighten inline test

    Re: C++ ptrmemfun break if FUNCTION_BOUNDARY < 2 * BITS_PER_UNIT

    Re: C++ ptrmemfun break if FUNCTION_BOUNDARY < 2 *BITS_PER_UNIT

    C++: why implicit delete in destructor?

    Re: c/2404: arm-linux-gcc ice

    Re: c/2618: gcc crashes when doing _Bool = (unsigned char & 0x1) ?1 : 0

    c_std/ and throw()

    Clean up unresolved class references in ObjC

    cleaning libgcc_s$(SHLIB_EXT).0


    Re: Compile time assertions for gcc

    config.gcc/configure.in cleanup after xm-host.h purge

    Controlling code alignment on DEC Alpha

    copy insn in DFmode for SH

    CPP warning only if checking enabled

    Re: cpplib: Be safe in presence of symlinks

    cpplib: Don't name stdin files "."

    cpplib: final symlink patch

    cpplib: Fix PR/2444

    cpplib: Honour #warning in system headers

    cpplib: Symlink stuff in branch.

    Re: CPROP and spec2000 slowdown in mid february

    cure some eh failures

    cygwin patch for boehm-gc/configure.in

    cygwin patch for libjava/configure.in

    Cygwin patches for gcj

    Cygwin warning elimination: gcc.c:3480: warning: suggest parentheses ...

    Darwin / Mac OS X native support committed

    Darwin tweaks

    dce bugfix for targets with CC0

    Detect _Bool in bootstrap compiler

    Disabling libjava on platforms in which it won't build

    Disappearing labels fix

    Don't define JNI_OnLoad in libjava/gnu/gcj/runtime/natFirstThread.cc on cygwin

    Don't use load_pic_register for x86-64

    dw2 stack info does not exactly following spec

    DWARF2 PATCH: Another debugging/inlining problem

    Re: egcs/libstdc++-v3 ChangeLog include/bits/boost ...

    EH PATCH: Don't push a binding level for an EH region

    eliminate GEN Makefile.in variable

    eliminate warning for expand_builtin_init_dwarf_reg_sizes

    Exception handling: split insns

    Exception handling: stack adjust in cleanups

    f/ansify.c uses ANSI features

    A few more CONST_INT sign extension patches for i386

    Fix for "number of bits in a byte" detection

    Fix for gcc/intl/po2tbl.sed.in typo

    Fix for i686-pc-linux-gnu gcc.dg/20000720-1.c regression

    Fix for PR other/2539: contrib/test_summary reports wrong version

    fix gc bug in java_expand_classes

    Fix sched-vis.c array bounds exceeded.

    Fix: 980205.c on powerpc, etc.

    folding rtxen as trees...

    Re: Frame notes for pa.c

    function.c patch for IA-64 libffi build failure

    Further docu patches for XX-bit

    G77 PATCH: Fix thinko in COPY_DECL_RTL stuff

    Re: A gcc 3.0 patch for Linux/MIPS to bring it close to other Linux.

    gcc 3.0 regression on solaris 2.6

    Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

    gcc 3.[01] PATCH: collect2.c: Avoid Irix Linker Bug

    gcc compile glitch on hp-ux 11

    Re: Fwd: GCC COUNT register problem

    Re: GCC extension for protecting applications from format string attacks

    Re: GCC extension for protecting applications from format stringattacks

    Re: GCC extension for protecting applications from formatstring attacks

    gcc-2.95.3-diff-010218 for ARM

    Re: gcc.c-torture/execute/20010114-2.c

    gcc/java/verifier.c patch

    gcse.c and flow patch

    gen_rtx_SUBREG / subreg_regno_offset

    Generate string.h and time.h if nonexistent; kill POSIX

    Get target libraries to obtain thread information from GCC

    Re: Get target libraries to obtain thread information fromGCC

    Get your share of $1.4 million!

    ginclude/stddef.h patch (don't redefine offsetof)

    goodbye, #ifdef USG

    Re: Gratuitous (?) C++ test failures on SH

    Re: How to using -O rather than -O2 when building binutils 2.11?

    HP-UX libtool patch (was: Re: IRIX libtool patch)

    Re: HPPA profiling redone

    hppa-linux support 1

    hppa-linux support 10

    hppa-linux support 11

    hppa-linux support 2

    hppa-linux support 3

    hppa-linux support 4

    hppa-linux support 5

    Re: hppa-linux support 6

    hppa-linux support 7

    hppa-linux support 8

    hppa-linux support 9

    HTML PATCH: Compaq Tru64 UNIX object file documentation

    i18n Update

    i386 call insns fix


    i386/x86_64 HARD_REGNO_NREGS/ fix

    i686 bootstrap problem

    IA-64 patch for linux kernel -foptimize-sibling-calls miscompilation

    IA-64 patch for problem with casting FP denorms to larger FP type

    IA-64 patch for structure parameter passing problem

    Re: ia64 eh, part 20a [java]

    Re: ia64 eh, part 20d [libjava]

    Re: ia64 libjava java-signal.h build failure

    ia64 scheduling broken since "ia64 eh, part 14"

    ia64: Better scheduling for shifts


    Re: ICE in rtx_equal_for_memref_p for inline assembler

    Introducing a New Concept on Advanced Garbage Treatment Process

    Re: irix bootstrap dies in builtins.c

    IRIX libtool patch

    Re: is the new exception handing model for IA32 in 3.0 source tre e ye t?

    Re: is the new exception handing model for IA32 in 3.0 source tree ye t?

    is the new exception handing model for IA32 in 3.0 source tree yet?

    Re: JackPot City <mayor at www2 dot jackpotcity dot com>

    Java PATCH for PR gcj/1200

    Java: Fix cyclic inheritance detection problem

    jump bugfix

    killing ASM_IDENTIFY_GCC [branch]

    killing gcc2_compiled., revised

    Re: label usage problem in try_split

    Lazy __FUNCTION__ processing.

    libffi patch for IA-64

    libgcc: drop __dummy, __empty, and __builtin_saveregs

    Re: Libiberty/alloca patch: fix giant memory leak in fixincl/gnu-regex

    libjava test framework improvements

    libstdc++ execute tests

    libstdc++ test framework, minor improvement

    libsupc++ compile failure on SGI Irix 6

    Libtool upgrade for support of HP-UX with GNU ld

    libtool upgrade in mainline and 3.0 branch

    Limited number of asm operands

    Re: Limited success with 3.0 branch on AIX

    Lost code in SUBREG byte offset patch.

    M68K alignment patch....

    Mainline bootstrap failure (Hit)

    Mainline bootstrap failure (Re: libstdc++ execute tests)

    make -fleading-underscore work on arm

    memcpy vs memmove and structure returns

    Re: MI guards for generated header files

    Re: Minor changes to improve libtool support of GCJ

    Minor doc update

    Re: Minor except.h typo.

    Minor update to recent gcse.c and flow.c patch

    MIPS PATCH: Fix reload pattern

    missing ; in libstdc++-v3/include/backward/fstream.h

    mn10300 warning removal

    mn10300 whitespace change

    mn10300-elf reload problem (enabled by subreg byte?)

    More g++ testsuite tweak

    more gcse.c cleanup

    More SOM fun

    Move g++ test

    MS-style bit-field placement

    My unreviewed patches

    Never, never, never use alloca (was: fix giant memory leak)

    Re: new abort()

    New fixinc template

    New mn10300 cmpsi breaks reload

    new-regalloc-branch: subreg handling (1/x)

    Obvious patch

    obvious split_long_move x86_64 fix

    obvious SSE related fix installed

    Old patch for PR c++/1687

    Opps -- the patch

    Re: PA move_operand


    PA64 bootstrap fix

    PA64 bugfix (step #1)

    Partial fix for PR gcj/1202


    patch : remove EH dependance on DWARF2_ADDR_SIZE

    patch affecting functions that fall off end

    patch for compiling multiple .class files

    patch for inner class method search

    Patch for java dir warnings

    Patch for md.texi: Fix i386 constraints

    PATCH for Re: Error/Moved

    Patch installed for errno redeclaration

    Patch installed for more redundant declarations

    Patch installed for yet more redundant declaration warnings

    Patch installed to cleanup decl omission on irix6

    Patch installed to delete redundant declarations from cp-tree.h

    Patch installed to eliminate fortran redundant decls

    Patch installed to eliminate more redundant decl warnings

    Patch installed to eliminated another batch of redundant decls

    Patch installed to switch NULL_PTR->NULL in calls to `concat'

    Patch installed, more dependencies on $(SYSTEM_H)

    Patch installed: more redundant decl nits

    Patch to cleanup / improve jump_optimize_1 (version 2)

    Re: Patch to cleanup noop move handling (version 2)

    patch to cp/search.c checked in

    Patch to document some options

    Re: Patch to document wide string representation

    Patch to eliminate more redundant decl warnings

    PATCH to except.c: clean up resume semantics

    PATCH to except.c: preserve EH data registers

    Patch to execute/20010122-1.c, fix spurious link failures

    Patch to fix / improve delete_prior_computation

    Patch to fix / improve delete_prior_computation (version 2)

    Re: Patch to fix / improve delete_prior_computation (version2)

    Patch to fix / improve single_set_2

    Patch to gcc-3.0/features.html

    Patch to improve ia64 compilation times

    Patch to improve jump.c delete_noop_moves

    Patch to improve jump_optimize_1

    PATCH to reachable_handlers

    Re: Patch to remove putenv definition from gcc.c [take-2]

    Patch to use concat instead of xmalloc/sprintf

    Patch to use concat instead of xmalloc/sprintf for JAVA dir

    Re: Patch to use concat instead of xmalloc/sprintf for JAVAdir


    PATCH: 27_io/istream_seeks.cc failure

    PATCH: Add missing prototype

    PATCH: Adhere to section clause 5 of ISO 14882:1998

    Patch: chorusos configury

    Re: Patch: config/pa/quadlib.c: Warning removal

    PATCH: Darwin / Mac OS X native support, revised

    PATCH: Document Objective-C options

    PATCH: emit_move_insn - remove redundant test

    Patch: enhance -Wconversion, and use some of it with -Wtraditional


    PATCH: Fix 20000724-1.c

    PATCH: Fix bugs in loop and unroll

    PATCH: Fix DWARF2 section lossage

    PATCH: fix emit_move_insn_1

    PATCH: Fix PR 2033

    PATCH: Fix PR1493

    PATCH: Fix PR1645

    PATCH: fix some comments

    PATCH: Fix testsuite problems on Cygwin

    PATCH: Fix typo in documentation

    Re: PATCH: get_mode_alignment fix

    PATCH: Handle the old style libstdc++-v3 test summary

    PATCH: hpux NM_FLAGS

    Re: PATCH: Lazy DECL_RTL

    PATCH: misc documentation patches

    Patch: N19990310_4.java regression fix

    Patch: obey -mipsX flag

    PATCH: Place manuals under the GDFL

    Patch: PRs 1404 and 2332

    PATCH: Re: Another 3.0-branch bootstrap failure

    PATCH: Remove gxxint.texi

    Patch: remove redundant declarations from real.h

    Patch: remove redundant declarations from sparc-protos.h

    Patch: remove redundant declarations in general sources

    PATCH: Remove xm-darwin.h

    PATCH: simplify ~x + 1 into -x

    PATCH: Throttle GCSE memory usage

    PATCH: XFAIL g++.other/crash31.C

    PATCH: XFAIL tests that aren't regressions

    patches for writing .class files

    Patches pending review from March

    Re: Patches still waiting for review

    Re: Patches waiting for review

    Possible patch for miscompiled defer-pops

    Possible patch for PR1902

    powerpc-eabism, strategy for finding crt0.o

    Prevent infinite recursion in signal->exception converter

    Prototype promotion on vax

    Quarterly update to search.html (boring, committed)

    Re: Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" of libtool

    Re: Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" oflibtool

    redundant decl fallout

    reg-stack fixes

    Rehash of force_to_mode bug

    Remove bashism from libstdc++-v3/tests_flags.in

    Remove bcopy-elimination as a "beginner" project



    reordering system includes

    RFA/Patch: gcc.c retry

    Re: RTL checking fails (solaris2, irix6 & x86) SUBREG_BYTE related?

    Set STRICT_ALIGNMENT even for v850e

    Seven unreviewed patches - one or two lines each

    Re: Sign extension of type with precision of 0 causes fault in force_fit_type

    Re: Sign-extend CONST_INTs within their modes

    sign-extending integers

    simplify_gen_relational fix

    simplify_replace_rtx fix

    sjlj problems

    Small improvement to bytecode verifier error messages

    Small patch for libI77

    Small PATCH to try_swap_copy_prop

    SSE - converison patterns tweeks

    SSE and neg patterns

    SSE2 and integer moves

    store motion breaks asm outputs to memory

    subreg byte patch checked in

    Sun ChorusOS patch

    Support --enable-libgcj and --disable-libgcj

    Re: target/2309: arm-linux: unrecognizable insn

    Test case for PR fortran/2379 - undefined reference to `__builtin_sin'

    Testsuite entry for GNATS PR optimization/2463 - a regression

    Re: Testsuite entry for GNATS PR optimization/2463 - aregression

    Thumb/Dwarf2 code generation problem

    Tidy add_scope_stmt

    timevar ifdef deforestation

    toplev.c cruft removal

    trivial x86_64 shift pattern fix commited

    try_replace_reg fix

    two Java import_list patches

    Typo fixes to i386.md

    Typo in boost_concept_check.h?

    Re: Typos in SH crt asm

    Unreviewed 2.95.4 patches since April 1st

    Unreviewed 3.0 Patches: 1 important on HP-UX

    Unreviewed C and C++ patches

    Unreviewed patch

    Unreviewed patch since April 7

    Unreviewed Patch: Allow -l lib in addition to -llib

    Unreviewed patches

    unreviewed patches

    Update Fortran News for the trunk.

    Update Fortran News.

    Update mn10300.md copyright notice

    Use 32-bit instead of 32-bit or 32 bit in md.texi

    Use gstab.h and gsyms.h unconditionally

    Re: Use target_alias instead of target for target_subdir

    V3 PATCH: #undef some C99 math macros in <cmath>

    V3 PATCH: Disable concept-checking

    V3 PATCH: make valarray<T>::operator[] inline

    wchar character constant sizes

    Re: Where's the axe? Can't walk_tree.

    Why XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2b.x?

    x86 fix ix86_expand_sse_compare.

    x86 fix typos in patterns for sse builtins.

    x86_64 merger fixes

    Re: x86_64 merger part 24 - string operations

    x86_64 merger part 32 - trampolines

    x86_64 merger part 34 - function calling bits part 1

    x86_64 merger part 35 - lea patterns

    x86_64 push pattern fixes

    x86_64 split_long_move fix (obvious)

    x86_64/SSE neg and abs patterns

    XCOFF idiosyncratic debug format - fix after gcc2_compiled. patch

    xmake files purge

    Re: your mail


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