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Please install for me: PATCH: gcc-3.0/features.html

Some changes to that file which I cannot commit as the CVS server is down.

Can someone please install that for me (as I'll really go offline for a
week RSN)?


-------- gcc-3.0/features.html --------

<title>GCC 3.0 New Features</title>

<h1 align="center">GCC 3.0 New Features</h1>

  <li>Java support.</li>
  <li>New C++ ABI, capable of inter-operating with other IA-64 compilers.</li>
  <li>The new ABI also significantly reduces the size of symbol and debug
  <li>New C++ support library and many C++ bug fixes, vastly improving our
      conformance to the ISO C++ standard.</li>
  <li>New Targets and Target Specific Improvements:
    <li>New x86 back-end, generating much improved code.</li>
    <li>Improved PowerPC code generation, including scheduled
        prologue and epilogue.</li>
    <li>Port of IA-64 contributed.</li>
    <li>Port of gcc to Motorola's MCore 210 and 340 contributed.</li>
    <li>Port of gcc to Intel's XScale processor contributed.</li>
    <li>Port of gcc to Atmel's AVR microcontrollers contributed.</li>


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