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Re: [PATCH] gcc/ gcc-3_0-branch, pass CFLAGS to stage1_build

> That won't work from the toplevel as STAGE1_CFLAGS currently isn't passed 
> down. Moreover Gordon's checked in patch always overrides the CFLAGS passed 
> to the stage1 with the CFLAGS passed to make, so
> currently wouldn't even work if the toplevel Makefile passed down 

Without the patch, there is *no* way to specify the stage1 compile
flags.  Perhaps we should pass STAGE1_CFLAGS along to stage1_build
then?  We need to pass *something* along (and probably document it,

> Moreover, I looked up the MAKEINFO issue again in the 
> current sources and it is still broken, MAKEINFO/MAKEINFOFLAGS are used 
> differently in the various language files and the C "info" target is still 
> built during stage1 :-(. That means that additionally to 
> CFLAGS=$(STAGE1_CFLAGS) we have to pass down MAKEINFO=$(MAKEINFO) and 

That would be a separate patch, which I'd be happy to approve if you
write it up.

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