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Patch to remove more obsolete documentation

This patch removes more obsolete documentation from gcc.texi:

* Old loop unrolling C++ bug (reported by rth probably to have been in
  code that has been rewritten).

* Old documentation of search rules for as/ld and how to make GCC find
  them (--with-as is now the recommended method, and adequately
  documented in the online installation documentation).

* Old documentation of Ultrix problems and how to make the old manual
  bootstrap method use fixincluded headers.  (AFAICT, make bootstrap
  will use the fixincluded headers everywhere it should - given the
  undocumented kludge in gcc.c to add ../include to the search path
  with a -BstageN/ argument.)

It passes "make info".  Installed on mainline and branch.

2001-03-22  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcc.texi: Remove more obsolete documentation of bugs and
	installation problems.

--- gcc.texi.orig	Sun Mar 18 18:52:20 2001
+++ gcc.texi	Thu Mar 22 01:39:22 2001
@@ -540,11 +540,6 @@
 When @samp{-pedantic-errors} is specified, GCC will incorrectly give
 an error message when a function name is specified in an expression
 involving the comma operator.
-Loop unrolling doesn't work properly for certain C++ programs.  This is
-a bug in the C++ front end.  It sometimes emits incorrect debug info, and
-the loop unrolling code is unable to recover from this error.
 @end itemize
 @node Installation Problems
@@ -577,17 +572,6 @@
 The solution is not to use such a directory for building GCC.
-In previous versions of GCC, the @code{gcc} driver program looked for
-@code{as} and @code{ld} in various places; for example, in files
-beginning with @file{/usr/local/lib/gcc-}.  GCC version 2 looks for
-them in the directory
-Thus, to use a version of @code{as} or @code{ld} that is not the system
-default, for example @code{gas} or GNU @code{ld}, you must put them in
-that directory (or make links to them from that directory).
 Some commands executed when making the compiler may fail (return a
 non-zero status) and be ignored by @code{make}.  These failures, which
 are often due to files that were not found, are expected, and can safely
@@ -673,25 +657,6 @@
 It would be nice to extend GAS to produce the gp tables, but they are
 optional, and there should not be a warning about their absence.
-In Ultrix 4.0 on the MIPS machine, @file{stdio.h} does not work with GNU
-CC at all unless it has been fixed with @code{fixincludes}.  This causes
-problems in building GCC.  Once GCC is installed, the problems go
-To work around this problem, when making the stage 1 compiler, specify
-this option to Make:
-GCC_FOR_TARGET="./xgcc -B./ -I./include"
-@end example
-When making stage 2 and stage 3, specify this option:
-CFLAGS="-g -I./include"
-@end example
 Users have reported some problems with version 2.0 of the MIPS

Joseph S. Myers

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