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Re: C++ PATCH: Improved parser diagnosis

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Joe Buck wrote:
> In any case, the details are perhaps not important.  Gerald and I started
> working on this because of Gerald's observation that when 3.0 goes out,
> we would get buried in bug reports because of the tons of STL-using
> programs out there that rely on vector and friends being in the global
> namespace, e.g.
> #include <vector>
> vector<int> foo;
> that would suddenly get syntax errors pointing to the semicolon.  Even
> if we now say "type" where we should say "template", we will be giving
> users enough info to fix the problem, which is the most important thing.

Exactly!  (Nearly) anything is better than just the "syntax error" we used
to get.

Based on Mark's approval and this discussion I have now committed the
patch to the 3.0-branch (after another bootstrap) and will commit to
the mainline (after yet another bootstrap).

And based on this, we/you can certainly come up with further improvements.

(And thanks again to Joe for the clear analysis that lead to that patch!)

Gerald "Jerry"

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