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Re: PATCH: Fix CSE handling of COMPARE

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Kenner <> writes:

    Richard>     I'll send you a .i file privately

    Richard> OK.  This was on PowerPC?

No, you need to configure with:

    --target=armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu --enable-languages=c

Also, I forgot to say that I'm not sure if the exact same bug occurred
on the mainline.  Ideally, you would use the branch, right before this

  2001-03-19  Mark Mitchell  <>

	  * cse.c (find_comparison_args): Update documentation.  Fix
	  mishandling of COMPARE operations.

	  * tree.def (ABS_EXPR): Add documentation.
	  * fold-const.c (fold): Improve folding of ABS_EXPRs.

    Richard>     A previous insn had:

    Richard>       (set (reg:SI 522) (compare (reg:SI 75) (const_int
    Richard> 0)))

    Richard> There's no such insn.  A COMPARE produces a CCmode value
    Richard> so that's not valid RTL.

No -- I bet I got it wrong.  I typed it from memory.  That was the
basic idea -- but we'll have to recreate it.

Sorry to be a little unresponsive this morning; we got hit by rolling
blackouts.  Back up now.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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