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Re: toplevel foo_for_target

Richard Henderson <> writes:

> Does anyone know why toplevel makefile computes AS_FOR_TARGET
> and LD_FOR_TARGET?  AFAICT, all it does it screw up the more
> proper detection that libtool would do.
> For instance, on Solaris, if /some/path/{gcc,ld,as} full of
> gnu tools is in my path, but gcc is configured with prefix of
> /some/otherpath/ that does not contain gnu binutils, then gcc
> will prefer to use /usr/ccs/bin/{as,ld}.  Which is fine.
> But then the toplevel makefile will set LD=ld when configuring
> libstdc++-v3, causing configure to ignore the output from
> xgcc --print-file-name=ld, causing libtool to be configured
> for the wrong linker, causing the build to fail when we go to
> link
> Anyone see anything wrong with the following patch?

The main point of LD_FOR_TARGET, etc., is so they can be set to
../ld/ld-new for single-tree builds.  If this patch has everything
still using the just-built linker for single-tree builds, then it's
probably OK.

(Don't forget that some subtree builds don't use libtool, particularly

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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