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Re: autoconf for type sizes

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph S Myers <> writes:

Joseph> GCC should avoid dependence on non-released versions of GNU
Joseph> software where possible, so people can install a standard
Joseph> released version from (or possibly a binary
Joseph> package from a GNU/Linux distributor, etc.) without needing
Joseph> special versions for GCC.

I understand this, but we are reaching a stupid situation where the
Autoconf people are expecting some feedback from you guys, and we
won't get any before you actually *use* 2.50.

And then what?  So we release it, you use it, and we realize 2.50 is
not OK for you, and we are both in deep s*t.

Joseph> Would this Autoconf snapshot require a corresponding Automake
Joseph> snapshot?  


Joseph> Would the combination of these versions work for all parts of
Joseph> the GCC tree?

Designed to work.

Joseph> As a first step, is it possible to fix GCC so that it will all
Joseph> work with both Autoconf 2.13 and CVS Autoconf?  (At least as
Joseph> of 2.49c, only 2.13 works.)

Why?  That's what we need to know.  What do you need?

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