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9 bcopys (5 top dir, 4 cp dir), please help identify memmoves

There are only a handful of bcopy calls left, I'd like to eliminate
them and poison the token.  However I'm not entirely sure by reading
the code which of the remaining ones need to be memmove vs memcpy.  In
fact I'm pretty sure at least some are memmoves through some across
the board bootstrap testing of using only memcpy.

I'd rather not guess or get it wrong simply because a bootstrap fails
to indicate a latent problem.  Also I'd rather not weasel out by
making them all memmove.

Can anyone provide insight into these?


./collect2.c:3279:	  bcopy ((char *) load_hdr, (char *) (obj + offset), size);
./combine.c:2031:	  bcopy ((char *) &old->elem[0], (char *) XVEC (newpat, 0)->elem,
./genattrtab.c:2013:    bcopy ((char *) unit_ops[unit->num], (char *) &op_array[i],
./sbitmap.c:99:  bcopy ((PTR) src->elms, (PTR) dst->elms,
./toplev.c:1668:    bcopy ((char *) handler, (char *) float_handler, sizeof (float_handler));

cp/class.c:1220:	  bcopy ((PTR) &TREE_VEC_ELT (method_vec, 0),
cp/class.c:1259:	      bcopy ((PTR) &TREE_VEC_ELT (method_vec, slot),
cp/decl.c:3694:      bcopy ((char *) newdecl + sizeof (struct tree_common),
cp/decl.c:3732:      bcopy ((char *) newdecl + sizeof (struct tree_common),

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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