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Re: Patch to nuke POSIX and MAXPATHLEN from xm-*.h

In article <> you write:
>This patch removes POSIX and MAXPATHLEN from the xm-*.h files.
>Tested by configuring crosses on various targets and examining tconfig.h:

>Plus, bootstrap underway on solaris2.7.  Assuming that completes, okay
>to install?

Sigh... no, please don't remove OpenBSD files like this.
I tried somewhat hard to make things symetric on those architectures.
The `avoid surprises' comment is there for a reason. We got bitten
by this once. I don't want to get bitten again. Note that, if you don't
set xm_file, you will get the cpu default xm_file later on.
This would be fine if the `cpu default file' DID reflect the cpu.

As things stand, the `cpu default file' often reflects the most common OS
on that architecture as well (to wit: alpha). 

And I already mentioned you don't quite have all the files to all OpenBSD
configurations, I'll try to send the remaining patches, but 
right now, I'm scrambling with a lot of things, including understanding
why libstdc++-v3 won't build with anything but gnu-make.

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