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Re: www patch: document rsync and cvsup

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 11:50:41PM +0100, Marc Espie wrote:

> >
> eh... is yet a valid url ? I'd think this is
> deprecated.

Never!  Viva la sourceware!

I wasn't suggesting linking to this page, just providing a concrete
example on your page like it does.

> > Note that other things are also available by rsync.  The gcc gnats
> > files and the gcc ftp directories can be gotten via anon-rsync along
> > with the cvs repository.
> Well, is it okay to publicize the whole rsync repository ? lots of goodies
> there.

I only intended to mention gcc-gnats, gcc-ftp, gcc-cvs.  Other
repositories which happen to be available on this system should
not be advertised on

> Two related points:

> - is the libtool repository available somewhere ?

I think they were doing their work on, but I don't
know for sure.

> - what are the actual `active' repositories ?

There's no good way to find that out from rsync.  The idea is that
someone says, "I like cygwin.  What cygwin things are available by rsync?"

> I would tend to think that gdb-cvs is dead and src-cvs is the place to go
> to grab things now...

Yeah, there are several repositories (cygwin is one, in fact) that were
folded into the "src" repository on sourceware over the last year.  Their
old repositories still exist to serve their web pages.  These web pages
_could_ all be folded into the "src" repo, but no one has modified the
web-page-updating script to do that, so the old repos remain.  It's not
a huge deal, it only leaks through in a few small things like the rsync

FWIW the list that you get by running 'rsync rsync://' is
auto-generated out of cron, so every project, whether it's active or 
abandoned, is going to get listed there.


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