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Re: x-files must die: alloca

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 05:12:46PM -0500, Richard Kenner wrote:
>     They're effectively override files for what autoconf determines.  But
>     they predate autoconf, so there's a huge amount of junk in them that
>     is now being handled there.  We can get within spitting distance of
>     eliminating them entirely.
> You can't rely on autoconf.  Remember they are also used for tconfig.h, which
> is used when compiling the library.  In a cross-compilation case, you have
> no autoconf configuration.

Yes, but as it happens there is next to no information provided by
xm-host.h files to target code.  They get what they need from the
*target* headers, that is tm.h fragments.  The sole exception, as far
as I see, is that tsystem.h conditionalizes the inclusion of
<string.h> and <time.h> on #if defined POSIX || defined USG.  This is
completely unnecessary; those headers are in C89 so fixproto should
have guaranteed that they exist.

There are a couple of xm-host headers that define things that belong
in tm.h - DO_GLOBAL_CTORS_BODY, inhibit_libc, etc - but those are
simply bugs.  No one's noticed because no one has tried to cross
compile to Interix (for example).


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