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Re: cpplib: Dump __GXX_WEAK__ and __STDC__ with -dM

 > From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
 > >  > But this is not what happens at the moment: we both run fixincludes to fix
 > >  > that __STDC__-0==0 stuff and still have STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS, which
 > >  > won't trigger any longer since we have fixed copies of all affected system
 > >  > headers anyway.  This is a change from gcc 2.95.2 where fixincludes wasn't
 > >  > run on Solaris 2.5 and up and thus STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS was necessary
 > >  > for gcc to work with the unchanged vendor headers; I haven't check when
 > >  > this was introduced.
 > >  > 	Rainer
 > > 
 > > Ah I see, well then that's a bug.  We should restore the bypass for
 > > solaris in fixincludes so that it doesn't bother "fixing" the
 > > __STDC__-0==0, stuff.
 > > 
 > > Care to supply a patch?
 > That would be reverting
 > Mark needed this to get libstdc++ v3 to bootstrap on Solaris, so he needs
 > to comment on this.
 > 	Rainer

I'm not talking about reverting Mark's patch.  We need to keep the
positive effects of that while restoring the old behavior wherein it
avoided these gratuitous header file transformations on solaris.

That means in inclhack.def, we need to bypass the "hacknames"
"strict_ansi_not", "strict_ansi_not_ctd" and "strict_ansi_only" when
"mach" equals "*-*-solaris2*".

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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