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Re: cpplib: Dump __GXX_WEAK__ and __STDC__ with -dM

 > From: Neil Booth <>
 > Rainer Orth wrote:-
 > > Neil,
 > > I've just finished bootstrap and check of the same snapshot used
 > > before, with the following trivial patch.  I get no testsuite
 > > regressions, so this seems to be somewhat safe.
 > > 	Rainer
 > Good.  What is really needed next is trying to build something big and
 > nasty, such as X Windows or glibc.  It might be worth removing it in
 > the mainline and seeing if anything breaks anyway.
 > Neil.

IMHO, the best test would be to bootstrap with and without the patch
and see exactly what the header file diffs in gcc/include are.  Once
we see that, then we'll know if there's a problem.  I suspect the
original issues prompting the hack remains.

IIRC, STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS was introduced to address a specific
problem, namely that we *don't* want fixincludes to diddle every
header file on solaris2.  There are numerous reasons to want to lower
the number of files gratuitously changed, I won't rehash them here.

(Note this hack is really appropriate for all svr4, but no one
bothered to propagate it and test.)

If you want to revisit this, please first search the mailing list
archives for prior threads.  This has all been discussed before, most
recently last year starting here:

At the time it was decided to leave it exactly as is, and I think
that's the appropriate thing to do given the various issues we want to

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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