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'[ -e' in configure is naughty.

Re: (C++) call.c patch

-fpreprocessed, directives, #line and other fun

.debug_line file table improvement

Re: /zlib/inftrees.c:291: Internal compiler error in wrap_constant,at simplify-rtx.c:2523

Re: 1 GCC regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2000-11-07T06:35:00Z.

[C++ patch] fix bug 510

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 611

[C++ patch] Fix bug 706

[C++ patch] Fix bug 789

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 827

[c++ patch] fix bug 853

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 91

[C++ PATCH] Fix for bug 29, g++.oliva/partspec1.C

[C++ PATCH] Fix for tesecase g++.oliva/template5.C

[C++ patch] Fix related to bug 756

[C++ PATCH] Improve error messages

[C++ PATCH] More fixes for bug 91

[C++ patch]: avoid ICE

[C++ PATCH]: Better diagnostics on bogus base

[C++ PATCH]: fix bug 43

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 531

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 616

[C++ PATCH]: Remove grokparms bitrot

[C++ PATCH]: tidy up incomplete_type_error

[C++ PATCH]Fix for bug 29,g++.oliva/partspec1.C (revised)

[C++PATCH]: ICE with anon unions

[C/C++ PATCH]fix bug 845

[cd]tor collection from c

[committed] cplus-dem.c formatting.

[cpp patch]: Stop leaking file descriptors

[Fortran, committed] Change lib?77 version strings from (prerelease) to (experimental).

[Fortran, committed] Do not accept RTL_EXPR,

[Fortran, committed] Remove EGCS reference, update g77 version in f/root.texi

Re: [Fortran, please advise] Choosing mkstemp over tempnam when opening SCRATCH files.

[Fortran, please advise] Choosing mkstemp over tempnam when opening SCRATCH files.

Re: [Fortran, please advise] Choosing mkstemp over tempnam whenopening SCRATCH files.

Re: [Fwd: c/838: sparc-solaris2.7 extra testsuite failures when RTL checking]

[Fwd: Returned article: Re: [PATCH] Make fixinc work on BeOS]

Re: [Fwd: Unreviewed patch]

[hjl@valinux.com: Handle java_demangling?]

[NeilB@earthling.net: News update.]

[NeilB@earthling.net: Re: [patches] Re: PRE_DEC/PUSH_ROUNDING inconsistency fix]

[NeilB@earthling.net: Re: Possible bug in tradcpp.c?]

[NeilB@earthling.net: Update c99status.html]

[PATCH Reload fix for gcc.dg/20001108-1.c

[patch repost] MIPS -G 0 libgcc vs. (default -G) stdc++ data problem.

Re: [PATCH] new FreeBSD/alpha support

[PATCH] - pa/pa.c

[patch] a patch for correct translation messages for glibc-2.2

[PATCH] Add BeOS support for libstdc++-v3

[PATCH] Allow RESULT_DECLs passed in multiple non-contiguous locations in ADDR_EXPR

[patch] AVR update to previous switch/case changes

[PATCH] Backport of execute/align-1.c fix for gcc-2.95.3

[PATCH] Backport patchset V2 for the gcc-2_95-branch

[PATCH] Bug fix to testcase g++.pt/ttp62.C

[PATCH] Bug in setjmp/longjmp on Sparc

[PATCH] Builtin strcpy/strncpy/memcpy/strcmp/fputs fixes and optimizations

[PATCH] Cleanup constant pool in varasm.c

[patch] Code hoisting bug on arm-elf at -Os

Re: [PATCH] Don't build libzgcj all the time

[PATCH] Don't output unused string constants

[PATCH] Don't output unused string constants (take 2)

[Patch] Error in config/sh/crt1.asm

[PATCH] Failure with inlining on trees and a fix

[PATCH] Fix -mv8plus (was Re: c/838: sparc-solaris2.7 extra testsuite failures when RTL checking)

[PATCH] Fix ARM atomicity.h

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap failure on intel + glibc 2.1

[PATCH] Fix crash27.C and crash29.C testcases

[PATCH] Fix execute/loop-7.c

[PATCH] Fix hard reg scheduling across calls (was: Re: haifa memory abuse)

[PATCH] Fix i386 truncxfsf2_2

[PATCH] Fix layout_decl

[PATCH] Fix loop hoisting bug on ia32

[PATCH] Fix operand_subword on SUBREG_BYTE branch

[PATCH] Fix PPC atomicity.h

[PATCH] Fix recent breakage in rs6000.c/rs6000_encode_section_info()

[PATCH] Fix sparc assembly output formatting

[PATCH] Fix sparc64 vtable thunks

[PATCH] generic + PPC branch offset calculation fix

[PATCH] get_delta_difference ICE testcase and typo fix

[PATCH] GNU/Hurd config update

[patch] h8300.c: Fix prologue.

[PATCH] Java: fix to gcj/283, gcj/297

[PATCH] Java: fix to gcj/365.

[PATCH] Java: fix to gcj/367

[PATCH] Make expand_function_start 64bit clean

[PATCH] Make fixinc work on BeOS

[patch] mn10300.md store_movm

[patch] naming unnamed insns

[PATCH] Optimize strchr("abc", 'c'), strrchr("abc", 'c'), strcmp("a","b") and strstr("abc","bc") (take 2)

[PATCH] Optimize strchr(x, 0), strcmp("a","b") and strstr("abc","bc")

[PATCH] Optimize strcpy(p, "abc") and memcpy(p, "abc", 4)

[PATCH] Optimize strcpy(p, "abc") and memcpy(p, "abc", 4) (take 2)

[patch] print-tree.c target-specific builtins

[patch] proposed md.texi clarifications

[PATCH] protect he #define's in gcc/config/alpha/elf.h

[PATCH] Re: failure in gcc compile

[PATCH] Revised BeOS libstdc++ patch

[PATCH] Silence PPC+ARM preprocessor warnings in atomicity.h

[PATCH] Stop fixinc running on BeOS

Re: [patch] typos in various docs

[patch] Use exit instead of return in testcases.

[patch] v850.c & obstacks

[patch] various typos

[PATCH] volatile not taken into account for local variables

[patch] wrap_langinfo.h

[PATCH]: Move mn10200 *div*.c files to common config directory

[PATCH]: Revised patch for fixinc on BeOS

Re: [patches] Re: PRE_DEC/PUSH_ROUNDING inconsistency fix

[reminder] g++/gcc testsuite infrastructure patches

[RFA:] "New C++ ABI" link in readings.html

[RFA:] Adjust testsuite to "linker input file unused *because* linking not done"

[RFA:] Break out for (build host target)-loop in configure.in to config.gcc

[RFA:] collect2.c: Support not running strip when the ld "-s" option is seen

[RFA:] combine.c: Fold comparison in original mode. Fix for execute/960608-1.c and execute/20001009-1.c

[RFA:] Correct handling of NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C in c-lex.c:cb_enter_file

[RFA:] CPP: Correct (add) condition for calling debug_end_source_file

[RFA:] CPP: Move REGISTER_PREFIX out of initializers.

[RFA:] CRIS port

[RFA:] CRIS port, second part

[RFA:] defaults.h: Correct a default for EH_FRAME_SECTION.

[RFA:] dwarf2out.c, tm.texi, defaults.h: Enable EH frame info in data_section

[RFA:] equiv_init_movable_p: References to CC0 are not movable.

[RFA:] libiberty/hashtab: Change void * to PTR

[RFA:] libiberty/hashtab: Introduce "failing" memory allocation API

[RFA:] libstdc++-v3 patches to bootstrap on gnulibc1 and glibc 2.0

Re: [RFA:] libstdc++-v3 patches to bootstrap on gnulibc1 andglibc 2.0

Re: [RFA:] libstdc++-v3 patches to bootstrap on gnulibc1 andglibc2.0

Re: [RFA:] Make collect2 pass on -B-options to called gcc

[RFA:] mklibgcc.in: libgcc1-multi.a to build libgcc1.a from C with extra flags.

[RFA:] readings.html: Call V3 C++ ABI by its name.

Re: [RFA:] Take 2 to get libstdc++-v3 to bootstrap-land for glibc 2.0 and libc1.

[RFA:] Take 2 to get libstdc++-v3 to bootstrap-land for glibc 2.0and libc1.

[RFA:] Take 2: Adjust testsuite to "linker input file unused *because* ..."

Re: [RFA:] Take 2: CPP: Correct (add) condition for calling debug_end_source_file

[RFA:] Take 2: CPP: Correct (add) condition for calling debug_end_source_file]

[RFA:] Take 2: CPP: Correct (add) condition for callingdebug_end_source_file

[RFA] Integrated cpp -include -g fix

[RFA] Remove corpse of digraph handling in C front ends.

[RFA] Remove USE_CPPLIB (Part 1).

Re: [RFA] Remove USE_CPPLIB (Part 2).

[RFA] rtl.texi (was Re: "OImode" ?)

[rth@cygnus.com: Re: gcc/cp/dwarf2out.c Broken]

[testcase] C++ switch problem

[testcase] ia32 regstack ICE

[testcase] inline of inlined function

[testsuite] Sibcall related -fomit-frame-pointer miscompilation

[testsuite] Strength reduction bug

[V3 patch] cygwin configuration (2)

[V3 patch] cygwin configuration (3)

[V3 PATCH] Move testsuite flags computation out of mkcheck

Re: [V3 PATCH] Move testsuite flags computation out ofmkcheck

[v3] bsd tweaks

[v3] fix mkcheck breakage

[v3] fixups for strstream, strstream.h

[v3] make clean fix

[v3] Makefile portability improvements

[v3] remove gnu/linux centric macros

[wwwdocs]Update regarding Cygwin and OS/2 for specific.html

[wwwdocs]Update regarding Cygwin and OS/2 for specific.html [without wrapping]

Re: abort in eliminate_regs compiling glob.c from glibc


Add ability to configure with --with-cpu=arm9

Add missing declarations for j in gcc.c

AIX 4 libtool configuration

Re: alpha.md version 1.130 breaks bootstrap on alphaev6-dec-osf5.0

alpha/elf.h updates

Analysis of Brad's GCSE problem with computed gotos.

Another makefile $(build_exeext) patch for cygwin

Re: Another makefile $(build_exeext) patch for cygwin

Re: arm constant pool problems

ARM: Fix sibcall patterns


AVR documentation update

Re: avr port & expmed.c patch

avr port path: switch/case improvements

avr port: bugfix for tst/branch optimization

RE: Bootstrap failure: cxxmain.c:930: syntax error before `('

Bug fix for consec_sets_giv

Bug in ARM long long multiply patterns.

Bug in sparc.md

Re: Build problems on Solaris 2.5.1

building splitted gcc manual (errors in md.texi)

Re: C PATCH: Don't generate initializers incrementally

C++ const initializer testcase

Re: c++ language question

C++ patch for 417:"curried template inaccurate names"

C++ PATCH to fix ADDRESSOF optimization

C++ PATCH: AIX vtables

C++ PATCH: Don't create bogus function types

C++ PATCH: Explicit instantiations of constructors

C++ PATCH: extern "C" and namespaces

C++ PATCH: Fix ABI testcases

C++ PATCH: Fix linkage of statics in inlines

C++ PATCH: Fix thinko in cp/error.c

C++ PATCH: g++.abi/cxa_vec.C

C++ PATCH: mangling of local names

C++ PATCH: Obscure new-abi mangling bug

C++ PATCH: operator names

C++ PATCH: Remove cleanup3.C

C++ PATCH: Remove one-off hashtable

C++ PATCH: Rename __pure_virtual and friends

C++ PATCH: sizeof

C++ PATCH: Switch to the new ABI

C++ PATCH: Tweak `void' parameter type handling again

C++ testsuite g++.other/new3.C fix


Re: c/837: RTL checking bootstrap fails on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Re: c/838: sparc-solaris2.7 extra testsuite failures when RTL checking

Re: c/877: gcc 2.95.2 generates incorrect code on i386

Re: c/900: `gcc -O2' takes 30x as long to compile certain files

Re: Can't compile Fortran; was: Patch installed in combine.c

casesi with HImode index

cc1obj: Make Objective C the default language.

Change to testing for source file accessability

Changes to g++.exp prevent testing multiple ABIs on irix

clobber doesn't invalidate subregs in cse

Re: code generation bug in x86 PIC

Re: COFF debugging info bug

Combine assumes it can use SET_DEST on all entries in a parallel

combine tweak

Re: combine twee

combine tweek

combine/rotate tweek

combine_stack_adjustements tweek

Re: committed: cplus-dem.c: Add back ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for parameter option.

committed: cplus-dem.c: Add back ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for parameteroption.

Compile-time performance and Lengauer/Tarjan dominators computation

compiling .i files

Configuration/Makefile cleanups

constant folding bugfix

Re: Constant folding for builtins

cpplib: -include and -macro search paths

cpplib: Cleanup.

cpplib: Default language handling, part 1

cpplib: diagnostic tweak

cpplib: Documentation for _Pragma.

cpplib: Eliminate _cpp_get_token

cpplib: Fix -M with -include bug

cpplib: fix -Wtrigraphs double warnings

cpplib: Fix obscure paste bug

cpplib: Further rationalisation of cpp_get_token

cpplib: Header name syntax


cpplib: Minor _Pragma fixes. Varargs macro and _Pragma tests.

cpplib: More cleaning up of cpp_get_token

cpplib: More interface cleanups

cpplib: Move directive handling to the lexer.

cpplib: Paste warning mandatory

cpplib: Revert treatment of -include

cpplib: simplify callbacks, reduce exposed interface

cpplib: Tidy up lang handling.

cpplib: Tweak struct cpp_token

CRIS port, prerequisite patches

FW: cvs build fails in fold-const.c

cvs stuck (Re: string pool chaser)

cygwin instructions for install/test.html

cygwin patch for f/Make-lang.in

dead code elimination vs find_auto_inc

Debugging patch for flow.c

detect assembler dwarf2 .debug_line support

documentation update

Don't assume at least one operand of PLUS is a CONST_INT

Don't let gen_lowpart generate SUBREGs with word -1.

Don't test -fssa

dwarf label debugging simplification

dwarf2 default for alpha-elf

dwarf2 file handling

enforce sequential operands [Re: -frename-registers on d30v]

Error in patch to not use lang/Makefile.in

expand_call patch applied

extend -Wunused to unused methods anf functions ?

File system handling patch for libiberty

Finish off _Pragma loose ends.

Fix ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK on sparc when HOST_WIDE_INT is long long

fix broken array tests

Fix bug 721

fix build problem on SunOS 4.1.4

fix for HPPA bootstrap problems

Fix Thumb pic_load_addr

fixinc patch for BeOS

fixinc/fixtests.c warning fix.

fixinc/inclhack.def (avoid_wchar_t_type): New fix

Fixups for v850 target specific pragma support.

flexible array members and initialization thereof

flow.c:verify_local_live_at_start patch (Was: 1 GCC regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2000-11-02T22:05:00Z)

fold-const.c type tweek

Format checking coding standards patch

Fortran docs wouldn't built with a read-only srcdir

Re: fortran/892: -Wunused complains unnecessarily for COMMON block items

function pointer

Re: g++ 2.95.2 on powerpc

G++ V3 ABI and unexpected successes

Re: gcc -traditional doesn't pass recognition of system headers to cc1

Re: GCC build failed with your patch on 2000-11-09T01:35:00Z.

Re: GCC build failed with your patch on 2000-11-29T18:50:00Z.

Re: GCC copyright assignment instructions

Re: Gcc extra alignment..

Re: gcc stack-smashing protector (for gcc 2.95.2)

Re: gcc stack-smashing protector (for gcc-ss-20001101)



gcc.dg/sequence-pt-1.c tweek

gcc.texi wording tweak

Generalize contrib/release a bit

Generate EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS independently

Generate md_constants in insn-config.h, not insn-codes.h

GNAT and Java demangler patches installed

Re: GNU GCC's f77 [tempnam -> mkstemp; proposed patch]

haifa lossage

haifa memory abuse

Re: Hashing algorithm for cselib causes bootstrap differences

i18n Update.

i386 dwarf2 tweek

i386 fp/int patterns tweek

i386 shift/rotate patterns tweek

IA64 float extend splitters, take 2

ia64 patch for linux kernel miscompilation

ia64 patch installed

Re: ia64-linux bootstrap failure, long double string table breakage

ia64.md patch installed

Re: ICE with current mainline version

Improved dependencies for target libraries

int_fits_type_p bugfix

Re: integrated cpplib and nonexistant input

Re: Invalid shortcut in calculate_global_regs_live

Iris6 Floating Point Config File Change

Re: Irix6 bootstrap failure, intl dir depends on insn-codes.h now

java patch: fix class archive regression

java patch: more gc root registration

Java: Fix bytecode parser

Joseph S. Myers - fixinc v. glibc <values.h>

Last patch...

lcm assumes an insn is a note without testing

Let fold_rtx's unsigned_fix be consistent with other cases

Let gencodes declare predicates (was: SH: declare fpul_operands)

Re: libgcc c++ support bits moved

libio fixes for i960-vxworks5.0

libstdc++-v3 configury bits for hpux (32bit)

Re: libstdc++-v3 PATCH for bootstrap error related to ptrdiff_t

libstdc++-v3 PATCH for bootstrap error related to ptrdiff_t (fwd)

libstdc++-v3 PATCH: _Count_ones<> should meet the zero-overhead rule

libstdc++-v3 should not get CXX cached in <target>/config.cache

Re: loop.c bugfix

m68k-coff illegal code generation patch

Make GCC Use the new -A= syntax

Re: Make madness on irix6.5

Meet us on Wine Alley

Minor bugfix in fold-const.c

Minor NLS update

Minor PA fixes

Minor pa.c patch

minor patch for gcc/flow.c

Minor updates to projects list

misc ia64 patches

Re: missing increment bug

Monthly update of search.html (boring, committed).

more CYGNUS LOCAL removal

More on the constant folding problems

More sequence point tests

Nested functions on ARM (mk III)

New ABI EH (was Re: C++ PATCH: Switch to the new ABI)

New C++ test

New C++ testcase

New C++ testcases

Re: New macro expander preamble

New Nested function tests

Re: New pod2man released

New RTL check failures (Re: SH: use register names instead of numbers)

New test committed.

New testcase

New testcase committed

New version of sequence point warnings

Re: News update.

Re: Old patch: combine.c/i386.md tweaks to improve strcmp() builtin

On several ICE bugs: 619, 657, 676, 686, 745 etc.

Re: Optimization bug in current snapshot

Re: optimization/732: Code generation bug on alpha 21264 at -O2

Re: optimization/858: Internal compiler error in scan_rtx_reg, at regrename.c:334

Re: optimization/902: x86 optimization bug with sibling call and -fomit-frame-pointer

PATCH (revised): New config, Darwin / Mac OS X (host-only)

Re: PATCH 1: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab

PATCH 1: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab under hpux

Re: PATCH 2: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab

PATCH 2: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab under hpux

Patch for -fcheck-memory-usage correct operation

Patch for attributes documentation

Patch for bcmp uses

Patch for builtin imaxabs

Patch for builtin strpbrk

Patch for bzero uses

Patch for C99 "for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)"

Patch for C99 mixed declarations and code

Patch for C99 new scopes

Patch for designated initializers pedwarns

Patch for finer grained format checking options

patch for gcc.dg/compare2.c cases 10 and 12

patch for incomplete typedefs

Re: Patch for libstdc++ bootstrap on sparc-sun-solaris2.6

Patch for more EGCS references

Patch for more EGCS references in g77

Patch for more removal of old string functions

Patch for projects/index.html: unused string constants

PATCH for Re: gcc 2.95.2 on HP-UX 11.00

PATCH for Re: Should people need bison or is that a bug?

patch for sparc 'long long' vararg failures

Patch for spelling errors

Patch for the mn10300

patch for typo in top level configure.in

Patch installed for fold_builtin declaration

Patch installed for java warning nit

Patch installed for malloc/realloc -> xmalloc/xrealloc

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed in combine.c

Patch installed to gansidecl.h for gcc -traditional

Patch installed to libiberty/cplus-dem.c for warning nits.

Patch installed to Makefile.in to fix

patch regrename.c enable-checking fix

Patch to "poison" bcmp/bzero/rindex

Patch to add builtin index/rindex

Patch to add builtin strcat/strncat/strspn/strcspn

Patch to add builtin strncmp and builtin strncpy

Patch to avoid "string length > minimum length" warnings for C++

Patch to clean up MAINTAINERS

Patch to clean up option summary in invoke.texi

Patch to convert more bcopy->memcpy

Patch to create tradcpp.h, etc.

Patch to fix c/182

Re: Patch to fix calculation of first_index_reg and last_index_reg in reload_combine ()

Patch to fix calculation of first_index_reg and last_index_reg inreload_combine ()

Patch to fix format-va-1.c test failures

Re: Patch to gccbug

Patch to generate gcov manpage

Patch to handle gnat_demangling

Patch to known bugs web pages

Patch to mirrors.html

PATCH to play down ICE after errors

Patch to remove C9X references from GCC

Patch to remove C9X references from libstdc++-v3

Re: Patch to remove more EGCS references

Re: Patch to remove non-historical EGCS references from libstdc++-v3

Patch to support mark_constant_function marking pure functions

Patch to unify some C/C++ tree node initialization

Patch to update builtin functions docs

Patch to update comment

Patch to update copyright dates

Patch to update dates and versions in manual

Patch to update format attribute docs

Patch to update format checking projects list

Patch to update list of languages and suffixes

Patch to update Service instructions in gcc.texi

Patch to update URLs in sequence point docs

Patch to update webpages after for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)

Patch to use alias analysis in stdarg functions

Re: Patch to use CXX_libstdcxx breaks V3

Patch to use strchr, strrchr

Patch to wwwdocs (libstdc++-v3 snapshot)

PATCH web update (was: PATCH: Switch to V3


PATCH: -fdump-translation-unit in C

PATCH: A load of markup fixes for the libstdc++ pages

PATCH: Add c-dump.h

PATCH: Allow objdir setting in gcc_build

Patch: another java lexer fix

PATCH: Another V3/testsuite tweak

PATCH: bugs.html

PATCH: C++ testcases

PATCH: C++ testscases

PATCH: c-tree.texi and FUNCTION_TYPE

PATCH: c-tree.texi and VAR_DECLs

PATCH: codingconventions -- fix and update URL

PATCH: codingconventions.html completion

PATCH: contrib/gcc_update

PATCH: contrib/release

PATCH: contrib/snapshot

PATCH: contribute.html, remove fsf-forms/*

PATCH: correct typo

PATCH: cse_insn()

Patch: ctype.h replacement

PATCH: cvswrite.html

Patch: docs for C standard versions

Patch: documenting GCC's coding conventions

PATCH: Don't have gcc_build write a logfile

PATCH: Don't typedef wchar_t in the testsuite


PATCH: err-msg8.C

PATCH: Expose MAX_PASSES in gcse.c to command line

PATCH: Fix IRIX bootstrap

PATCH: Fix V3 header issue

PATCH: fixinc

PATCH: fixincludes for wchar_t

PATCH: fixincludes on Solaris

PATCH: G++ testcases that work, now

PATCH: gcc.c for hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20

PATCH: gcc/configure filds test is broken

PATCH: gcc/f/Make-lang.in required to build on alpha-dec-osf4.0e

PATCH: gcc/install.texi and hppa*-*-*/HPUX

Patch: gcjh and JNI stubs

PATCH: gnatswrite.html

PATCH: gnatswrite.html and how to obtain a GNATS account

PATCH: Handle atomicity.h configuration for FreeBSD

Re: PATCH: HUGE_VAL should be Infinity

PATCH: Ignore -static on IRIX6

PATCH: Improve Documentation of Testsuite -- install/test.html

Patch: include configure arguments in gccbug

PATCH: install/index.html

PATCH: install/specific.html and irix6 (was: Patch to remove moreEGCS references)

PATCH: install/test.html and further fixes

PATCH: IRIX fixincludes

Patch: java -vs- `strictfp'

Patch: java -vs- c++ keyword mangling

Patch: Java -vs- Jacks

Patch: java -vs- some FP constants

Patch: Java compound assignment -vs- non-String LHS

Patch: Java floating point underflow

Patch: java Make-lang.in fix

Re: Patch: jv-scan --complexity

PATCH: Keep decl4.C failing

PATCH: Last V3 vs. testsuite change

Re: PATCH: Lengauer/Tarjan version of dominator computing

PATCH: libstdc++/faq/index.html markup

PATCH: libstdc++/header.ihtml

PATCH: libstdc++/mail.html

Patch: miscellaneous updates to invoke.texi

PATCH: Missing return_label using g++ CVS under vax ultrix.

PATCH: more updates to the install notes

PATCH: More V3 testsuite changes

Re: PATCH: Move REG pointer flag into rtx [was Re: PATCH 2: Re:

PATCH: Move REG pointer flag into rtx [was Re: PATCH 2: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab]

PATCH: New config, Darwin / Mac OS X (host-only)

Re: PATCH: new flag to say when things are instantiated

Re: PATCH: new flag to say when things are synthesized

Patch: new gcj option -Wout-of-date

PATCH: overactive delete_computation

Patch: PR gcj/374 and `weirddecl'

PATCH: Prototype for getopt in system.h

Patch: re-enable fixincludes for DJGPP

PATCH: Re: ../../../libio/stream.cc:60: Internal error: Segmentation fault.

PATCH: remove cv quals for alias analysis

PATCH: remove libio.h dependency on g++ test case

PATCH: Remove unscaled index insn hack from pa.c

PATCH: rs6000/x-aix41 -Wl,-bbigtoc again

PATCH: Set LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH when testing


PATCH: store_bit_field computes wrong mode on small machines

PATCH: Switch to V3

Patch: update web pages for C99 status

PATCH: Update XFAIL to match configuration triple change

Patch: use $(build_exeext) for gen*

PATCH: web pages and <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type">

Patches for the 2.95 branch

Patches pending review

Pending patches for review (C++ frontend builtins, fprintf, etc.)

PRE_DEC/PUSH_ROUNDING inconsistency fix

Prettier output of COND_EXEC in scheduling dumps

Problem in gcc.c for DOS-based systems

Problems with sh mode switching code at -O0

prologue line number fix

Re: proposed bootstrap changes

proposed torture test

Re: Putting builtins in the std namespace

pyramid zombies

Quote $extra_headers in configure test


Re: README.gnat (was: Patch to remove more EGCS references)

Re: Reason for cygwin GCC 2.97 non-bootstrap found

Re: Reason for cygwin GCC 2.97 non-bootstrap found - max one page ggc_alloc

REG_INC note handling in the renamer

Reload fixes for POST_MODIFY

reload1.c patch for large frame sizes

Re: reload1.c:eliminate_regs_in_insn bugfix

Reminder: [RFA:] Fix for some .vtable_inherit inheritance bugs inthe "old" ABI.

Reminder: [RFA:] Make collect2 pass on -B-options to called gcc

remove gen_rtx_SUBREG in rs6000.md

remove support for ARM GNU/Linux with a.out

Removing non-historical egcs/EGCS references from g77 documentation.

removing the docs dir (was Re: wwwdocs PATCH: libstdc++ updates)

result type of sizeof/alignof

Returned article: Re: Can't compile Fortran; was: Patch installed in combine.c

Revised gcc_build to add more options.

Revised patch: Re: PATCH 1: Re: BOOTSTRAP FAILURE: segementation fault in genattrtab

RFA [Re: Bug in integrated cpp]

RFA: Add *-storm-chaos to config.sub

RFA: Add xscale machine to config.sub

RFA: Get integrated CPP working again

RFA: Match calls to debug_end_source_file with calls to debug_start_source_file

Re: RFA: Rename cygnus.com to redhat.com

RFA: Target specific, language specific, object files

Re: RFA: Target specific, language specific, object files (resubmission)


RFA: Unterminated string constants in m88k.h

run fixincludes on all linux

Search more library dirs with --enable-shared

Set objective-C to be default language for cc1obj

Setting g++ environment variables for Irix

SH costs fixes for bugs detected by RTL strict checking

SH minor fixes

SH PIC clean-ups

SH sibcalls


sh-hms: simplify operands of constant addresses with MINUSes

SH: declare fpul_operands

SH: don't tie SFmode to other FP modes

SH: fpu_switch is only meaningful on SH4

SH: udivsi3_i4 clobbers T register

SH: use register names instead of numbers

Shut up endless "value computed is not used" warnings

Re: simplify operands of constant addresses with MINUSes

Small cleanup & fix for haifa scheduler

small fix to remove leftover stuff from configure and build

Re: Small sibbling call tweak

Small tidyup for i386.md

Small warnings sweep

Some minor cleanups and prep work

Some more C++ testcases

Some performance improvements.

Re: Somewhat-related changes to expr.c & tree.c

specs cc1plus breakage

Spelling patch for invoke.texi

Spelling patch for libstdc++-v3

Splitting call_insns


sstream in libstdc++-V2

stabs for invisible reference parameters

status_warning() uses uninitialized status argument

std_expand_builtin_va_start should take parm boundaries into account

Stop leaking file descriptors

string pool chaser

string pools, final version (committed)

string-opt test tweeks

stringpool tweek


Switch to integrated CPP

System-specific notes: patch for GCC 2.95.2/glibc 2.1.9x+

Taking register width into account

target library dependancies (was Re: [PATCH] Don't build libzgcj all the time)

Temporarily disable -frename-registers on d30v, add help strings


Testcase for builtin strstr

Re: testcase for hppa64 gcc bug

testcase for problem building i960 cross on sparc

Tests va-arg-1[567].c Marked to Fail on Irix

Tests va-arg-1[567].c Marked to Fail on Irix6*

testsuite instructions for cygwin for install/test.html

There is no consensus on beos yet...

Re: this patch still not apply

Time to drop fixinc.svr4?

Tiny configure.in fix

tradcpp: Assertions patch number 2

tradcpp: Starting assertions work

Re: tradtradcpp0, cpp spec bugs, and use of '|'

turn on pragma push for alpha-linux

Tweak invalid cpp test

unused value warnings for statement expressions

update code example in g77 documentation

Update GPL/FSF address, traditional CPP

Update to web pages

Updated gcov manpage patch

Updated references to Fortran Reading Information.

Updates to c99status.html

Use n_popped uniformly in emit_call_1()

Use new Constant Definitions feature in arm.md

V16QI mode

V3 PATCH: Disable wide-character tests where necessary

V3 PATCH: Don't define non-inline member functions in headers

V3 PATCH: Fix const-correctness in use of iconv

V3 PATCH: Fix declaration of `abs'

V3 PATCH: Improve suppot for abs() and pow()

V3 PATCH: Include libio.h where required

V3 PATCH: ios_base::failure cleanup

V3 PATCH: IRIX atomicity.h

V3 PATCH: IRIX configury

V3 PATCH: IRIX ctype

V3 PATCH: IRIX wide-character issue

V3 PATCH: libio configury

V3 PATCH: mkcheck.in buglet

V3 PATCH: mkcheck.in vs Bash 2

V3 PATCH: Remove unnecessary dependence on cabs.

V3 PATCH: Set CXX_libstcxx from CXX

V3 PATCH: Solaris configuration

V3 PATCH: Static data members

Re: V3 PATCH: Static data members]

V3 PATCH: Turn on --enable-cstdio=stdio by default

V3 PATCH: Undefine conflicting macros

V3 test script on irix6.5

V3: use generic atomic ops, move atomic-ops detection into configure.target

Re: V3: Problem on Solaris

Re: V3: use generic atomic ops, move atomic-ops detection into , configure.target

Warning patches to fixinc

Web page patch

Web page update for integrated CPP

where can you get gcc patches from....??

Re: Why not gnat Ada in gcc?

Re: Wrong optimization in current CVS

Re: www mailing list fixups

wwwdocs libstdc++ FAQ: mention g++-3/g++-v3

wwwdocs PATCH: libstdc++ updates

wwwdocs PATCH: more libstdc++ restructuring

x86 pinsrw/pextrw/pshufw fix -mintel-syntax operand order.

Re: Your recent change to gcc/configure.in

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