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"make bootstrap" patch

# in constraints in asm statements.

(C) Patch to finish_incomplete_decl

(C++) array tweak

(C++) Patch to elaborated-type-specifier handling

-C comment handling tweak

The -m4-nofpu fix didn't work...

-Wformat=2 patch

-Wtraditional patch: augment union init warnings

64-bit (?) patch for cp/spew.c

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 147

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 372

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 382

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 73

[C++ PATCH] fix bugs 59 & 79

Re: [C++ PATCH] New tree code for bound tmpl tmpl parm

[C++ PATCH] Partial ordering bug with template template parm

[C++ PATCH] Template parameter bug fix

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 123

[C++ PATCH]: fix bug 127

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bugs 508, 510, 512

Re: [C++ PATCH]: Fix ptr to member syntax checking

[C++ PATCH]: Fix thinko in diagnostic

Re: [C++] constructor/destructor attribute fix

[C++] Patch to cp/error.c: Remove plain obstack manipulation

[DOC PATCH]: fix LIBGCC_SPEC description

[Fwd: [patch] CVSROOT/commitinfo]

Re: [G]CSE of extended asm statements

[NeilB@earthling.net: cpplib: New file cppoutput.c]

[patch] Add -ms2600 to the H8/300 port.

[PATCH] Avoid segfaulting on bad input

[patch] avr port: optimize neghi2, negsi2

[patch] avr port: optimize shifts

[patch] bugfix in gcc/.gdbinit

Re: [patch] calls.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] config/i386/i386.md: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] CVSROOT/commitinfo

[Patch] Define HOST_BITS_PER_LONGLONG in sh/xm-sh.h

[PATCH] define INT_ASM_OP in config/i386/i386-aout.h

[PATCH] doloop_optimize miscompiles openssl

[patch] Duplicate @findex PUSH_ROUNDING

Re: [PATCH] Eliminate duplicate dwarf2 data

[patch] final.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Fix execute/20000225-1.c

[patch] fix for badly sized header files

[PATCH] Fix sparc -mvis -fpic

[PATCH] Fix testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/920810-1.c on i686, sparc64 and other platforms

[PATCH] Fix wchar_t constant strings (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix wchar_t constant strings (was Re: wchar_t constant not possible)

[patch] fixinc code cleanups

[patch] for gcc-2.95.x branch: small bug in fixinc/inclhack.sh

[patch] genattrtab.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8 minor typo fix.

[patch] h8300.c: Clean up code.

[patch] haifa-sched.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] i386.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] integrate.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Java: <clinit> yanking fix.

[PATCH] Java: fix to gcj/311

[PATCH] Java: minor verifier patch.

[PATCH] Kill spurious "pasting would" warnings (was Re: 2.4.0-test7 spurious '##' patches)

Re: [PATCH] linux support for SH

[patch] loop.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] more removal from po/POTFILES.in

Re: [patch] New flag -Wsystem-headers

Re: [PATCH] PIC support for SH

[PATCH] po/POTFILES.in update now that g-perf.h is apparently gone?

[PATCH] Prepare the testsuite for libstdc++-v3

[patch] project.html: Remove formatting fix needs.

[PATCH] Remember configure's options for later recall

[patch] remove unused_prefix_warnings (gcc.c, -B)

[patch] reorg.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] sparc64 TImode fixes

[PATCH] Support -mtune= on Alpha

[patch] to correct bad unrolling

[patch] to libiberty: make splay-tree.c compile on UNIX

[patch] unroll.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] unroll.c: Fix formatting. (Revised)

Re: [PATCH]: 68HC11 & 68HC12 port (gcc/config/m68hc11)

[PATCH]: Document 68hc11 & 68hc12 port

[PATCH]: Dump rtl in assembly (second version)

[PATCH]: Dwarf2 debug emitter don't output file table when source file is without any functions

[PATCH]: Maintainer for 68hc11 port

Re: [PATCH]: Unsigned -> float conversion for fp-bit.c

Re: [Proposed binutils PATCH] Re: Diagnosing an intricate C++ pr

Re: [Proposed binutils PATCH] Re: Diagnosing an intricate C++ problem

Re: [Proposed binutils PATCH] Re: Diagnosing an intricate C++problem

[RFA:] cp/except.c: Delete #if 0:d EXCEPTION_SECTION_ASM_OP default and users

[RFA:] Demangler patch for type_info node/function

[RFA:] Make collect2 pass on -B-options to called gcc

[RFA:] Remove extraneous spacing from directives in config/elfos.h

[testsuite] Yet another gcc segfault on lame input

_Complex keyword


Allow debugging symbols to be suppressed for a function

alpha fp setcc tweeks

Another C99 _Complex patch

Another fix for sh spill failures

Another patch: Re: objc FAILs under hpux/-threads with gcc-2.96 CVS

Another round of POTFILES.in cleanups

Another sh problem with fpul

Another sh.md fix

Re: ANSI C compiler required to build GCC from CVS?

arm constant pool problems

ARM: Support for interrupt functions - mk II

avr port & expmed.c patch

avr port patch lost part of the previous patch

avr port patch: adjust insn length for reload_in* insns

avr port patch: cleanup avr.md

avr port patch: length in `call...' insns and tablejump

avr port patch: movw, syntax cleanup

avr port patch: various random fixes and cleanups


BImode arithmetic simplifications

Re: Bogus alpha config files ?

Bogus libcalls with multiple REG_RETVAL notes

Bootstrap problems with stamp-check-pot

Bug fixes for timevar.c

Bug in sh constant pool generation

C patch: accept \r

C PATCH: Convert to function-at-a-time mode

C PATCH: Typo in c_start_case

Re: C++ bug: tree based representation of "switch"?

C++ PATCH: Avoid crashing on illegal code

C++ PATCH: bringing current cvs to bootstrap land

C++ PATCH: demangler fix

C++ PATCH: demangling bug

C++ PATCH: demangling fixes

C++ PATCH: demangling of thunks

C++ PATCH: demangling return types

C++ PATCH: dump_expr tweak

C++ PATCH: fix copyright banner on cp-demangle.c.

C++ PATCH: Fix new ABI manglings of vendor extensions

C++ PATCH: Fix template statics

C++ PATCH: Named return values

C++ PATCH: Remove more RTL-generating code

C++ tree-checking failure

C++: Revised patch improving walk_tree and prune_unused_decls a bit

Re: c/544: current GCC failed with "invalid lvalue in assignment"

Re: c/544: current GCC failed with "invalid lvalue inassignment"

Re: c/547: __i686__ macros have disappeared

C/C++ PATCH: `case' handling

C/C++ PATCH: Move expand_stmt into common code

C/C++ PATCH: Move statement-tree facilities to C

canonicalize BImode true

Re: cc register usage on i386/2.96

Change .*ASM.*_OP definitions to include spacing, remove from callers (to be committed)

Change to readonly conflict handling

check for iconv.h, define _XOPEN_SOURCE

Re: choose_reload_regs V2.0

Combine_stack_adjustements fix

Compiler aborts if ^M is encountered

config.{guess,sub} updated

config/ia64/crtbegin.asm bug fix for glibc

configure.in PATCH: Fix one-tree assembler tests

const_tiny_rtx vi BImode

Re: Constify IDENTIFIER_POINTER; reduce calls to get_identifier

Re: Constify IDENTIFIER_POINTER; reduce calls toget_identifier

Constify result of ggc_alloc_string (prep for string pool)

cpp documentation update

Re: CPP outputs wrong number of newlines sometimes

cppfiles tweek

cppfiles.c: zero-length file fix (and -dM etc.)

cpplib: asm unknown directive fix

cpplib: Minor cleanup and comment update.

cpplib: remove cppulp.c

cr logical insn implementation for rs6000

cse fold_rtx tweek

Re: demangler patch checkin

dispatch_pragma thinko

DJGPP constify patch

Document -mvxworks on ppc ELF.

Documentation patch: formatting of URLs in Texinfo manual

Don't try to make SP autoincs

dwarf2out patch: Emit const_value for non-definitions

emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common) fails with small UNITS_PER_WORD

Error handling fix in stor-layout.c:place_field

ev4 unaligned memory vs aliasing

Re: Example program takes 2000 times as long to compile under C++ as C

Re: Example program takes 2000 times as long to compile underC++ as C

expr.c bugfix

expr.c buglet

extension dependant givs

extract_insn tweek

Fw: failure notice

Fast dominators code

Fix a 64 bit MIPS varargs problem

fix for # comments in config/rs6000/eabi*.asm

Re: Fix for -fshort-wchar warnings ...

Fix for creating statically linked gcc

fix for execute/950511-1 failure on ppc-eabi

Fix for flow_loop_pre_header_scan

Fix for specs description typo for %{<S} (installed).

fix for USE/SET problem on ppc-elf

fix handling of '#pragma pack(pop [, id])'

fix java build problem on AIX

Fix sh spill failures for libcalls

Fix to alias sets used in CONSTRUCTOR

fix validate_replace_rtx_1 for s_cbrt.c build failure

Fixed build failure on Linux in cppfiles (_XOPEN_SOURCE is evil)

Re: Fixed build failure on Linux in cppfiles (_XOPEN_SOURCEis evil)

FLAGS_FOR_TARGET: use -nostdinc for Canadian crosses



forgotten update to proj-optimize.html

Format checking cleanup patch

Format checking flag handling reorganisation patch

format checking patch: preliminary cleanup of flags handling

Format checking patch: remove another ad hoc conditional

Format checking patch: unify type checking

FYI: Java checkins

GCC 2.95.2 and -fsjlj-exceptions fix for bugs #258 ans #413

GCC 2.95.2 and GLIBC 2.1.93, broken streambuf.h

Gcc 2.96 installation fixes for libstdc++

Re: gcc intrinsics for am33 parallel integer arithmetic


gcc.c: Fix formatting.



Re: gcc/expmed.c 1.63->1.64

generalize AIX cabs fix regex


hpux specific installation notes for GCC

i386 arithmetics+comparison patterns fix

i386 ccmode fix II

i386 fp comaprisons fix version 2

i386 fp compares fix

IA-64 fix for bad post-modify addresses

IA-64 fix for false DV warnings on parallel compares

IA-64 fixup_var_refs_1 fix for kernel miscompilation

ia64 BImode changes

ia64 division redux

ia64 division update

ia64 divsf3 thinko

ia64 fp division tweek

ia64 inline fp division

ia64 inline integer division

ia64 mov ar = imm8

ia64 mulhi3

ia64 multiply tweek

ia64 rotate patterns [Re: shrp]

ia64 sibcall support

Re: ICE breaks glibc compilation on PPC

Re: ICE in fixup_reorder_chain, at bb-reorder.c:633

ifcvt.c patch for ia64-linux glibc miscompilation

Improvement for update_equiv_regs (fwd)

inline+sibcall x LEAF_REG_REMAP

insn-attrtab on diet version 2

insn_extract/constrain_operands caching version 2

Integrated cpp: final take on -save-temps and -traditional

Integrated cpp: hack specs so -traditional and -save-temps work

Re: Integrated cpp: hack specs so -traditional and-save-temps work

Integrated cpp: hack specs so -traditional works

The integrated preprocessor

Integrated preprocessor patch - revised

Java PATCH: Beginnings of GC

Java PATCH: bitmap marking descriptors vs. ClassClass

java patch: lazy superclass layout fix

Lexer cleanups.

libg++- (was: Re: Segmentation fault building libg++ without named returns)

Re: libgcc2.h:99: no data type for mode `TI'

Re: libiberty/strsignal.c decl breaks with old Cygwin tool-chains

Re: libio build fails with glibc 2.1.94 installed

Libtool update

Libtool update (checking in)

Listing (not that) new libtool files in the top-level Makefile.in

loop bug fix for ia64 tcl miscompilation

Re: Making --without-included-gettext the default

Minor bug fix in flow

Minor buglet in c-decl.c

Minor buglet in simplify-rtx.c

Minor bugs in C front end

Minor expr.c bugfix

Minor Makefile glitches

Minor reload debugging fix

minor think-os in ia64 division

MMX/SSE patch: adding builtins


Monthly update of search.html [boring, committed]

more arm-elf macro deletion

more BImode canonicalization

More fun with libcalls and the sh

More insn_extract caching

More loop optimizer restructuring patches

movstrictqi/movstricthi fix for h8300

need info on __need_ usage

Re: new #pragma pack failure

New function split_block

new option --target-help to gcc (fwd)

NEW PATCH (Re: A patch for gcc.misc-tests/mg.exp.)

New testcase

Re: next arm gcc problem

No rule to make target `gcc/objc/objc-parse.c'

Re: none

Old patch: combine.c/i386.md tweaks to improve strcmp() builtin

One warning less: declaration of cp_printer

oops in rs6000_reverse_condition

Re: Optimizer bug related to function pointers

Overhaul cpplib's file cache

Oversight in rtl.c

P3 SSE/MMX support: adding the patterns

Re: Parallel build on SMP is even more broken.

Patch (ver. 2) to improve memrefs_conflist_p ADDRESSOF handling

Re: Patch and testcase regarding predecrement addressing modes andreload_cse_move2add

Patch and testcase regarding predecrement addressing modesandreload_cse_move2add

Patch for "implicit declaration of fputs_unlocked" warnings

Patch for $ operand number format checking bugs

Patch for anonymous namespace demangling (was: Re: libiberty (was: Re: Mangle question))

Re: Patch for builtin fputs (first stdio opt ready for install)

A patch for gcc.misc-tests/mg.exp.

patch for genoutput

Patch for ia32 bootstrap failure

Patch for llabs builtin

patch i386.h fix typo.

Patch installed to fix gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c for 64-bit systems

Patch installed to fix gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c regression

Patch to add __builtin_printf

Patch to add __builtin_printf -> fputs transformations

Re: Patch to add __builtin_printf("string\n") -> puts("string")

Patch to add __builtin_printf("string\n") -> puts("string")

Re: Patch to add __builtin_printf("string\n") ->puts("string")

Patch to add fputs->fwrite conversion

Patch to add intmax_t support

Patch to add option -Wmissing-format-attribute

Patch to allow CSEing of pure calls

Patch to allow retrieving a status from format checking functions

PATCH to C++ diagnostics mechanics (part 2)

Patch to contrib.texi

PATCH to cp/ir.texi

PATCH to diagnostics library

Patch to fix mark_constant_function

Patch to fix rtx_unstable_p & rtx_varies_p volatile asm handling

Patch to generate correct dwarf2 debugging info

Patch to improve find_base_term ADDRESSOF handling

Patch to improve local-alloc invariant handling

Patch to improve memrefs_conflist_p ADDRESSOF handling

Patch to move freebsd.h->freeebsd-aout.h & freebsd-elf.h->freebsd.h

Patch to support C99 __STDC_HOSTED__

PATCH to the diagnostic library

Patch to use @email in manual

Patch to warn about static initializers for zero length arrays

Patch to warn for wide string literals with narrow formats

PATCH: activate thread_jumps for ix86

Re: PATCH: better cpplex.c patch

PATCH: bounds violation in cppmacro.c

PATCH: BP project page: instruct gcc bootstrappers to disable GCC's gettext

PATCH: BP project page: instruct gcc bootstrappers to disable NLS

Patch: C++ and Java: change name of class object

PATCH: conditional traps for MIPS

PATCH: conditional traps for MIPS (good patch)

Patch: configure -vs- iconv

Patch: configure changes for zlib

PATCH: contrib/gcc_update

PATCH: dwarf2out misalignment

Patch: Fix // comments in cp/init.c

Re: PATCH: Fix assorted bounds violations

Patch: Fix configure test for GNU libc

Patch: Fix for PR gcj/307

Patch: gcj and iconv.h

Re: Patch: Include WARN_CFLAGS ...[for] fixinc.sh

Re: Patch: Include WARN_CFLAGS in CFLAGS passed for building fixinc.sh

PATCH: install/download.html


PATCH: libgcc2.h breaks ia32 build

Patch: locale.h and bootstrap on Solaris

Patch: missing entry in java/lang-specs.h

PATCH: Move ir.texi to c-tree.texi

PATCH: New c-torture test

Patch: PR gcj/343

PATCH: problem with basic block reorder and reorg

PATCH: problem with basic block reorder and reorg (correct version)

PATCH: problem with BImode and BITS_PER_UNIT != 8

PATCH: problem with BImode and BITS_PER_UNIT != 8 (again)

PATCH: purge SETs of hard subregs

Patch: Re: Clash between cpp -undef and linker -u options

Patch: Re: glimits.h is not compatible with -traditional

PATCH: Re: libio compilation problem

Patch: Re: objc FAILs under hpux/-threads with gcc-2.96 CVS 20000816

Patch: read compressed bytecode archives

PATCH: readings.html

Patch: revised PR gcj/307 patch

Re: patch: Sign-extension bug (?) in immed_double_const

PATCH: Splay tree enhancements

Patch: tfformat.c doesn't compile under hpux 10.20

Patch: tiny cpplib bug

Patch: verifier fixes for gcj

PATCH[cvs-2000/09/06 17:33:22 +0200]: bootstrap-lean broken

Patches not reviewed or integrated

Patches: gcc, libio, libobjc and libg++ for build with `-ansi -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500'

Patches: Squelch `U' suffix warnings from md5.h and getext.h

Patchlet to diagnostic library.

Re: PATH: bug fix in reorg.c (second try)

Re: PATH: reorg.c improve optimize_skip (second try)

POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured

Re: POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured as a reult of changes made by pthomas@suse.de

Re: POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured as a reultof changes made by pthomas@suse.de

powerpc patch to add 128-bit 'long double'.

Re: preprocessor/538: cpp0 loops while expanding macros

Re: preprocessor/556: cpplib uses freed file descriptors

Problem inlining in c++ (was Re: Patch to add __builtin_printf -> fputs transformations)

problem with build from top-level

Re: Problems with the way we calculate costs

projects.html patch: add format checking todo list

Re: Proposed patch for loop.c

proposed testsuite entry. Re: new #pragma pack failure

Re: proposed testsuite entry. Re: new #pragma pack failure

query: very minor patch to Solaris config files

Re: Question about a varasm change

REG_NORETURN function call note for ia64 false DV problem

Reload inheritance and auto inc/dec

Reload inheritance fix

Re: A relocation problem in shared objects for SH

Removing some old code from the loop optimizer

Replacement lexer, token-at-a-time

Revised patch to generate correct dwarf2 debugging info

RFA: Target specific, per-function initialisation of register classes

RFA: unique sections for unitialised data on the MIPS

RFC: AIX pthread patch (v2)

rfc: guessing when a shared libgcc is needed

rfc: limited shared libgcc widgetry

RFC: Patch to warn about disabled optimizations

Re: ridpointer problem [Re: block reordering problem]

rs6000 patch to fix __itrunc EH problem

rs6000 PATCH: Move CLIB from t-* to x-*

rs6000.h warning fix

rtx_cost vs magic constants

sdbout.c patch to use assemble_name (Was: Re: varasm patch breaks sh-coff)

Re: Security patch for printf - please no! (Was: Re: Patch to add __builtin_printf)

Security patch for printf - please no! (Was: Re: Patch to add__builtin_printf)

Segmentation fault building libg++ without named returns

set_pseudo_multiple_uses change

Re: several messages

SH PIC prologue/epilogue fixes

SH PIC: (not) disabling function CSE

SH PLT needs the PIC register to be set

Re: sh-coff broken

sh-elf -m4-nofpu testsuite failures

Re: SH: cmpeqdi splitter messes up the CFG

sibcall identification tweek

simplify_comparison bitfield tweek

simplify_comparison tweak

Small doc update for the USE rtx

Small documentation fix

Small local-alloc tweak

Small proj-cpplib.html update

small reload bug fix for ia64-linux compiler abort on perl

Some vector simplifications for combine

Space between backslash and newline; heavily nested macros

Spurious newline in cpp0 version output

store_bit_field vs aligned memory

Re: Strange PIC code on ia32 since Aug. 29.

strftime format checking adjustment



Support for ARM interrupt handler functions.

Test for preprocessor

Test for recent asm failure

that PATCH for gcc 2.95 branch

Tiny speedups..

tm.texi: Update *ASM_OP docs, adding "including spacing" (to be committed)

tm.texi: Update to: update *ASM_OP documentation to "including spacing" (to be committed)

Re: Top level host zlib doesn't get built, bootstrap fails

try_combine tweek

Tweaking SH predicates

Two small fixes for C/C++ lexer

Uninitialized memory access in final.c

Unreviewed patch to libiberty

unroll.c patch for IA-64 abort on ping

unroll.c patch for IA-64 abort on XFree86

Re: Unsatisfied symbols: cpp_register_pragma (code), cpp_register_pragma_space (code)

Update gcc_update

Update proj-cpplib.html

Update to flow_loops_find

use names for register numbers in ppc port

v850 setjmp/longjmp patch

Re: validate_replace_rtx_1 fix version 2

Re: validate_replace_rtx_1 fix version 3

value computed is not used warnings

Re: Varargs macros subtly broken

Various minor fixes

Warning for printf (foo) (was: Re: Patch to add __builtin_printf)

Re: Warning regressions: gcse.c & cse.c

Re: warning: multi-line comment (why?)

Re: warning: pasting would not give a valid preprocessing token

Re: wchar_t constant not possible

Web page news items

Re: zlib multilib on host?

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