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Re: hpux specific installation notes for GCC

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 09:10:06AM +0200, Markus Werle wrote:
> Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> > Would you mind submitting a patch against the current
> > web page (or the version in our wwwdocs CVS module) instead of the whole
> > file?
> Output of
> diff -U 3 specific.html.orig specific.html
> attached. Is this OK?

I have a number of English nitpicks.  Please don't be embarrassed,
these mistakes are common when German is your first language.

> +Quintessence: gcc-users under hpux-10 should use gcc-2.95.2 until they really

"Quintessence" is an exotic word which doesn't quite mean what you
want.  "Executive summary" is probably closer.  "Until they really..."
implies that they will eventually have problems; "unless ..." would be

> +that supports it. If You wish to experiment with a recent snapshot of gcc,

"You" is not normally capitalized in English.

> +If You encounter problems in building binutils due to missing 
> +symbol <code>alloca(code)</code> a possible workaround is to 
> +set environment variables <code>ac_cv_header_alloca_h</code> and 
> +<code>ac_cv_func_alloca_works</code> to <code>no</code> 
> +and retry with <code>make distclean; ./configure ; make</code>

Awkward phrasing, missing "the" in places.  I'd rewrite the whole

 If you encounter linker failures due to a missing symbol
 "<code>alloca</code>", a possible workaround is to start from scratch
 (<code>make distclean</code>) and set the environment variables
 <code>ac_cv_header_alloca_h</code> and
 <code>ac_cv_func_alloca_works</code> to <code>no</code> while running
 configure.  This is reported to happen while building binutils.

> +Situation for gcc on hpux-11 changes daily at the moment, so most of the

English requires "the" before "situation" in this context.

> +problems may resolve in near future. Nonetheless every helpful 
> +contribution like patches or explanations for build or runtime
> +failures is always welcome.

Tense problems, missing commas:

... may be resolved in the near future.  Nonetheless, helpful
contributions, such as patches or explanations for build or runtime
failures, are always welcome.

(maybe mention gcc-bugs here?)


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