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Re: need info on __need_ usage

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town.

Bruce Korb <> writes:
> [...] I believe that such unwrappable headers can be detected with
> the regular expression, "^#if.*__need_".

Only if you don't handle headers in the bits subdir.  <math.h> and
<complex.h> use multi-inclusion for other things.

> The question is, "Is there a plausible chance that such an *avoidance*
> of wrapping would cause compile problems on any GCC-supported
> platforms?"  I cannot see how, but I figure a sanity check won't hurt...

You mean, are there problems to expect if you leave the wrappers out
and use what the system has?  It probably depends on the quality of
the system.  There used to be quite some systems where the headers
were not appropriately protected and one had to include them in a
certain order.  But these times are probably gone.  If there are any
packages which install headers with this problem left then it is up to
the package maintainer to fix this.  This is not the kind of problem
fixincludes is supposed to fix.

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