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Re: [patch] New flag -Wsystem-headers

> Please be more careful when committing - you broke cpplex.c with merge
> conflicts.

sorry, again.

> The patch has caused (I think) two regressions (but you weren't cc-ed
> on the mail about regressions).  Any ideas?

> >gcc/testsuite/gcc.sum:FAIL: gcc.dg/cpp/syshdr.c (test for excess errors)
> >gcc/testsuite/gcc.sum:FAIL: gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c decimal constant (test for warnings, line 40)

Not quite sure if they are related to -Wsystem-headers. Perhaps
-Wno-system-headers could be used for these files...

from gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c:
/* Test for -Wtraditional warnings on integer constant types.
   Note, gcc should omit these warnings in system header files.
   By Kaveh R. Ghazi <> 8/22/2000.  */
/* { dg-do compile } */
/* { dg-options "-Wtraditional" } */

from gcc.dg/cpp/syshdr.c:
/* Test for proper suppression of warnings in system headers,
   and only in system headers.  */
/* FRAGILITY WARNING: The only way we have to distinguish the good error
   from the bad error is that the good error is on line 4 and the bad is
   on line 5 (of their respective files).  dg.exp doesn't have any way to
   condition error matchers on the file they're in.  */

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