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Re: [patch] New flag -Wsystem-headers

Hi Ben,

Please be more careful when committing - you broke cpplex.c with merge

The patch has caused (I think) two regressions (but you weren't cc-ed
on the mail about regressions).  Any ideas?


>With your recent patch, GCC has some regression test failures, which
>used to pass.  There are 2 new failures, and 0
>failures that existed before and after that patch; 0 failures
>have been fixed.

>The new failures are:
>gcc.sum gcc.dg/cpp/syshdr.c
>gcc.sum gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c

>gcc/testsuite/gcc.sum:FAIL: gcc.dg/cpp/syshdr.c (test for excess errors)
>gcc/testsuite/gcc.sum:FAIL: gcc.dg/wtr-int-type-1.c decimal constant (test for warnings, line 40)

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:-

>This patch is now in.
>Hopefully, this will make the shadow header work for libstdc++-v3 easier.
>bootstrapped on x86/linux
> 2000-09-25 Branko Cibej <>
>         * flags.h:  Declare warning flag warn_system_headers.
>         * toplev.c:  Define it.
>         (W_options): Add option -Wsystem-headers.
>         * diagnostic.c (count_error): Test warn_system_headers.
>         * invoke.texi:  Add description for -Wsystem-headers.
> 	* cpplib.h (cpp_options): New member warn_system_headers.
> 	* cpphash.h (CPP_PEDANTIC, CPP_WTRADITIONAL): Don't test
> 	* cpplib.c (do_import, do_pragma_once): Likewise.
> 	* cpperror.c (_cpp_begin_message): Test warn_system_headers
> 	* cppinit.c (handle_option): Recognize -Wsystem_headers.
> 	(print_help): Describe -Wsystem_headers.
> 	* cpplex.c (lex_line): Reorganize condition so that warnings
> 	about C++ comments in system headers can be enabled. Remove
> 	label do_line_comment.

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