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Re: [ cpplib: New file cppoutput.c]

Does anyone object to me breaking this stuff out to a new file


Neil Booth wrote:-
> The non-diagnostic output routines for cpplib are scattered around,
> and generally, uhm, not pretty.  So as a first step to cleaning them
> up, I'd like to group them together in a separate file.
> This patch is after applying my lexer cleanup patch (anyone care to OK
> that, please)?  No logic changes, just code shuffling.  OK to commit?
> Neil.
> 	* cpphash.h (_cpp_digraph_spellings, _cpp_process_directive,
> 	_cpp_can_paste): New library-internal prototypes.
> 	* cpplex.c (dump_param_spelling, output_line_command,
> 	output_token, cpp_scan_buffer, cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput,
> 	cpp_printf, cpp_output_list): Move to cppoutput.c.
> 	(process_directive, can_paste, digraph_spellings): Add _cpp_ prefix.
> 	* cppmacro.c (dump_macro_args, cpp_dump_definition) Move to
> 	cppoutput.c.
> 	* cppoutput.c (dump_macro_args, cpp_dump_definition, output_token,
> 	dump_param_spelling, output_line_command, cpp_scan_buffer,
> 	cpp_scan_buffer_nooutput, cpp_printf, cpp_output_list): Moved
> 	from elsewhere.
> 	* Add cppoutput.c.
> 	* po/ Add cppoutput.c.

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