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Re: GCC 2.95.2 and -fsjlj-exceptions fix for bugs #258 ans #413

In article <> you write:
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>Attached please find patch which fixes bugs #258 and #413 from GCC GNATS
>database. Both bug report originators have been contacted and confirmed that
>the patch indeed fixes the problem they have reported.
>Could someone please review the patch and either suggest better
>alternative or commit it to the GCC 2.95 branch. Having the fix on GCC 2.95
>branch will allow FreeBSD and presumably OpenBSD to import it relatively easily.

I've checked that patch, it does indeed fix the problem on OpenBSD with sjlj
exceptions (which is currently our default, because our linker has occasional
problems with dwarf2 unwind... though I didn't notice the bug, as I'm not
always using the default).

I've done a complete build of the OpenBSD system on i386, and have passed
the patch to co-developers to check on their respective architectures.

I won't vouch that the patch is sane or not (goes far beyond what I know
of gcc), but at least for regression purposes, it's good enough for
the 2.95 branch, as far as I'm concerned.

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