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Re: A relocation problem in shared objects for SH

Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:
>>> So I think that our ugly patch for elf32-sh.c (or something else) is
>>> still needed.
>> Yep.  I'll keep looking for something else for a while :-)
> Here's the ``something else'' I've come up with.  It fixes the
> relocatable link, so that it doesn't generate relocations with both
> an in-place value and an addend.  I've tried to relocate a lot of PIC
> and non-PIC object files, and it always did The Right Thing (TM), so I
> guess this is the way to go.  Ok to install?

I've just tested this in libc and it works. Thank you for The Right
Thing (TM)!

BTW, readelf displays the garbage value for the addend of the generated
R_SH_RELATIVE relocation. We should clear such addend field, shouldn't

--- /cvs/src/bfd/elf32-sh.c     Sun Sep 17 08:40:07 2000
+++ elf32-sh.c  Sun Sep 17 09:50:54 2000
@@ -3124,7 +3124,7 @@ sh_elf_relocate_section (output_bfd, inf
                      relocate = true;
                      outrel.r_info = ELF32_R_INFO (0, R_SH_RELATIVE);
-                     outrel.r_addend = relocation + rel->r_addend;
+                     outrel.r_addend = 0;


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