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Bug in sh constant pool generation

Large constants on the sh are placed in small in-line constant pools which
are accessed through pc-relative addressing.  This happens during
machine_dependent_reorg.  We walk the insns looking for constant moves that
need to be converted to pc-relative loads.  When placing the constant pools,
we need to ensure that the offset from the load to the pool is within the
insn's range.

There's a problem with this code; in machine_dependent_reorg we sometimes
generate new insns, but we do not take this into account when computing the
offsets in find_barrier.  Thus we can end up with out-of-range accesses.


	* sh.c (find_barrier): Take into account that machine_dependent_reorg
	might add new insns.

Index: config/sh/sh.c
RCS file: /cvs/cvsfiles/devo/gcc/config/sh/sh.c,v
retrieving revision 1.171
diff -u -p -r1.171 sh.c
--- sh.c	2000/09/14 06:13:15	1.171
+++ sh.c	2000/09/16 11:48:29
@@ -2199,6 +2199,14 @@ find_barrier (num_mova, mova, from)
 	      if (num_mova)
 		si_limit -= GET_MODE_SIZE (mode);
+	  /* See the code in machine_dependent_reorg, which has a similar if
+	     statement that generates new mova insn in many cases.  */
+	  if (GET_CODE (dst) == REG
+	      && ((REGNO (dst) >= FIRST_FP_REG
+		   && REGNO (dst) <= LAST_XD_REG)
+		  || REGNO (dst) == FPUL_REG))
+	    inc += 2;
       if (mova_p (from))

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