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Re: PATCH: readings.html

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000 wrote:
> 2000-09-04  Rodney Brown  <>
> 	* readings.html: Add Jeff Law's other book recommendation.

Thanks for taking care of this. I've been out of town last week, else
I would have addressed it by myself.

I updated your patch a bit and installed the one below.


Index: readings.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/readings.html,v
retrieving revision 1.37
diff -u -p -r1.37 readings.html
--- readings.html	2000/08/12 11:02:35	1.37
+++ readings.html	2000/09/13 22:28:18
@@ -334,7 +334,12 @@ papers, hot list pages, potential softwa
   <li><a href="">Fortran FAQs, books and software</a>
-  <li><a href="">New compiler book</a>.  Online appendix includes some compiler links.
+  <li><a href="">Steven
+  Muchnick (1997) "Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation</a>.
+  880pp. Online appendix includes some compiler links.
+  <li><a href="">Robert Morgan (1998)
+  "Building an Optimizing Compiler"</a> 300pp. ISBN: 1-55558-179-X.
   <li><a href="">The Open Group</a> has quite a bit
   on POSIX etc.

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