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Re: Problems with the way we calculate costs

Jeff Law has reviewed and approved this patch.  I'll check it in after another
bootstrap on ix86.


On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> 	* (cse.o): Depend on $(BASIC_BLOCK_H).
> 	* cse.c: Include "basic-block.h".
> 	(struct table_elt): New field REGCOST.
> 	(CHEAP_REG): Delete macro.
> 	(COST): Return 0 for REGs.
> 	(approx_reg_cost_1, approx_reg_cost, preferrable): New functions.
> 	(notreg_cost): Return 0 for appropriate SUBREGs.
> 	(COSTS_N_INSNS): Return N * 2.
> 	(rtx_cost): Return 0 for REGs, and use cost of nested rtx for cheap
> 	(CHEAPER): Use new function preferrable.
> 	(insert): Initialize REGCOST member.
> 	(find_best_addr): Use approx_reg_cost for estimation of register
> 	usage.
> 	(cse_insn): Likewise.
> 	* loop.c (iv_add_mult_cost): New function.
> 	(add_cost, shift_cost, mult_cost): Delete variables.
> 	(init_loop): Don't initialize add_cost; reduce copy_cost by half.
> 	(strength_reduce): Use iv_add_mult_cost instead of fixed add_cost.
> 	Make code that detects autoinc opportunities slightly less optimistic.
> 	(simplify_giv_expr): If expression contains other reg that is also a
> 	giv, only increment benefit if this is the only use of that reg.
> 	(consec_sets_giv): Take that change into account.
> 	(combine_givs): Slightly more verbose output.
> 	* i386.h (RTX_COSTS): For MULT, return true cost of multiplication,
> 	not the cost of an equivalent shift.
> 	* sh-protos.h (addsubcosts): Declare.
> 	* sh.c (addsubcosts): New function.
> 	* sh.h (CONST_COSTS): If CONST_OK_FOR_I, then return 0.
> 	(RTX_COSTS): Tweak.  Use addsubcosts.
> 	(ADDRESS_COST): Return higher cost for reg+reg addressing.

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