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"[PATCH] - Fix complaint about no function prototype."

Re: "[PATCH] - GCC_EXEC_PREFIX requires two trailing /s"

"no regressions" meaning?

"old header triggers gcc build time ICE"

'c' canonicalization tweeks

(C) local externs patch

(C++) explicict instantiation patch

(C++) Fix for assemble_external targets

(C++) patch for local externs

(C++) Patch to bot_manip

(C++) patch to build_anon_union_vars

(C++) patch to local classes in templates

(C++) pmf fix

(C++) typename patch to lookup_name_real

Re: -O0 dead code

Re: 20000717 ICE compiling gcc/tree.c on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20.gnu.orgPATCH: Re: 20000717 ICE compiling gcc/tree.c on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20.gnu.org

64-bit PowerPC masked left-shifts

64bit cleanup patch

Fwd: ["BUG: -funroll-all-loops generates unresolved externals"]

[C++ PATCH] Bug fix for globally-qualified template template arg

[C++ PATCH] Bug fix for template template arg unification

[C++ patch] cleanup

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 381

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 39

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 42

[C++ PATCH] Fix bugs 173, 174 & 406 (koenig lookup)

[C++ PATCH] New tree code for bound tmpl tmpl parm

[C++ patch] new-abi array convenience linkage

[C++ patch]: anonymous typenames

[C++ patch]: Code cleanup

[C++ PATCH]: fix bug 371

[C++ PATCH]: Fix ptr to member syntax checking

[C++ PATCH]: more code cleaning up

[C++ patch]: More code cleanup

[C++ PATCH]: new abi convenience functions

[C++ patch]: remove cruft

Re: [C++] constructor/destructor attribute fix

[C++] fix bug 184

[C++] fix bug 386

[C++] fix some new-abi testcases

[C++] newabi __dynamic_cast linkage

[Fortran, committed] Disable -fdebug-kludge.

[Fortran, committed] Documentation describing new EQUIVALENCE debug info.

[Fortran, committed] Enable debugging info to be emitted for EQUIVALENCE members.

[Fwd: Re: DJGPP patch for fixincludes]

[G]CSE of extended asm statements

Re: [Greg McGary <greg@mcgary.org>] PATCH: BPs for fixinc

Re: [parisc-linux] PATCH: build gcc/gcc/depedence.c w/HPUX ANSI C

Re: [PATCH] Bulletproofing -fsyntax-only, round 2 (extra armour plate)

Re: [PATCH] C++ ice with overloaded functions [Second try]

[patch] c-decl.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] calls.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] ch/decl.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] config/h8300/h8300.[ch]: Code clean up.

[patch] config/h8300/h8300.c: Rearrange code for conciseness.

RE: [patch] config/h8300/h8300.h (EIGHTBIT_CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Accept H8/S.

[patch] config/h8300/h8300.h (EIGHTBIT_CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Accept H8/S.

[patch] config/sh/sh.*: Fix formatting.

[patch] cp/cp-tree.h & cp/decl.c: Fix comment typos.

Re: [PATCH] cpp segfault fix

[PATCH] cpp0 misbehavior

[patch] cse.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] CVSROOT/modules

[patch] dwarf2out.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Eliminate duplicate dwarf2 data

[patch] expr.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Fix f77 include

[PATCH] Fix for simplify_relational_operation related fix

[PATCH] Fix lea_general patterns (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix lea_general patterns (take 3)

[patch] flow.c: Fix a typo.

[patch] flow.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] fold-const.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] for gcc-2.95.x branch fixing building on 4.3BSD

[patch] for gcc-2.95.x branch: fixproto bug

[patch] for gcc-2.95.x branch: use cp, not $(CP)

[PATCH] for linker warning when mixing cc and gcc on alphaev{56,6}-dec-osf5.0

[patch] function.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] gcc.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] gcc.c: Fix formatting. (Phase 2)

[patch] h8300.*: Add -ms2600 switch.

[patch] h8300.*: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300.*: Implement rotate insns.

[patch] h8300.*: Misc fix.

[patch] h8300.c: Clean up.

[patch] h8300.c: Improve shifts.

[PATCH] h8300.md: Remove obsolete peephole definitions

[PATCH] i386 DImode >= 0 optimization

[patch] install-sh

[patch] invoke.texi

[patch] invoke.texi: Update the names of dump files.

[PATCH] Java: `finit$' to replace `$finit$'.

[PATCH] Java: a bytecode generator lost patch and some other minor tweaks.

[PATCH] Java: fix to gcj/295

[PATCH] Java: minor cleanups.

[PATCH] Java: miscellaneous fixes

[PATCH] Java: miscellaneous fixes.

[patch] jump.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] linux support for SH

[PATCH] Loop fix

[patch] loop.c: Fix formatting.

Re: [patch] new dominance calculator

[PATCH] PIC support for SH

Re: [patch] protecting MIPS prologues from scheduling.

[PATCH] Re: PATCH: fix for problem in i386.md ashlqi3_1_lea pattern

[patch] reload.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] reload1.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] Remove -I $srcdir/libio/stdio from libstdcxx_flags

[PATCH] Remove -remap from cygwin cpp specs

[patch] stmt.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] tm.texi: Fix a typo.

[patch] to libiberty: #include "libiberty.h" in md5.c

[patch] toplev.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] tree.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] xcoffout.c: Fix formatting.

[patch]: fix for sed glitch in fixincludes

[PATCH]: 68HC11 & 68HC12 port (gcc/config/m68hc11)

[PATCH]: Allow cplus_demangle to auto-detect new-abi mangling

Re: [PATCH]: Allow cplus_demangle to auto-detect new-abimangling

[PATCH]: Dump rtl in assembly

[PATCH]: libgcc2.h fix to build DI mode operations

[PATCH]: Recognize 68HC11 & 68HC12 target in gcc

[PATCH]: Statistics about machine description patterns & alternatives

[PATCH]: Unsigned -> float conversion for fp-bit.c

[PATCH]: Update gcc.1 man page for 68HCx port.

[PATCH][Refresh] - MSVC style structure packing

Re: [patches] Re: get_attr_* speedups

[planned patch] Rotation insns on the H8/300

[RFC] PowerPC SCC cleanup

[testsuite] i386 reload issue

[testsuite] loop breaking eh region notes

[testsuite] Loop failure

[testsuite] Loop failure (take 2)

[testsuite] strength reduction bug

[testsuite] Yet another loop failure

Re: `$' in identifiers -vs- PPC Linux

`make bootstrap' broken

Accept blanks as language separators

Accidental demangle-patch checkin (was: Re: Mangle question)

Re: Adjust compiler flags for multilibbed target libraries

AIX -ffunction-sections support

AIX /bin/sh weirdness with toplevel configure.in

AIX collect2.c and longlong.h fix

AIX pthread patch (preliminary)

Allocate GC memory in larger chunks

allow backend to use addressof

alpha ev4 gcc.c-torture/execute/990811-1.c

am33: document the -mam33 switch

Another format checking test

Another format extensions patch

Another two -Wtraditional testsuite entries

ARM modulo patch

ARM/Thumb interworking supporting in libgcc.a

ARM: lib1funcs.asm tidy up


avr port bugfix for latest patch

avr port patch

BB boundary problem in regmove.c

Bootstrap with -O9 fails on alpha

Bug in ARM implementation of modulo functions for libgcc

C++ patch for 417:"curried template inaccurate names"

C++ PATCH: demangler bugs

C++ PATCH: demangler fixes

C++ PATCH: demangling of local names

C++ PATCH: Fix more vcall offset stuff

C++ PATCH: Improve error recovery

C++ PATCH: Make diagnostics a little more descriptive

C++ PATCH: mangling of local names

C++ PATCH: New abi

C++ PATCH: Remove demangler from libgcc

C++ PATCHes: Minor nits

c++: don't complain about -Wstrict-prototypes

C++: Prune unused declarations (revised)

c-parse.y dependency wrong?

c99status.html update on format checking

Canocialize i386.md

Re: Catching stack overflow errors

Re: cc register usage on i386/2.96

Re: CFA: fix for demangler bug and testcases, take 2.

change target libs to not try to link stuff

check_sibcall_argument_overlap() versus HP-UX


choose_reload_regs V2.0

cmpstrsi_nz_1 fix

Commited unroll patch

Re: Compute flags for target in configure, not Makefile

config-ml.in: adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH and SHLIB_PATH for multilibs

Re: config.guess and Linux/GNU

config/h8300/h8300.h (EIGHTBIT_CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Accept H8/S.

Re: configure.in patch for hpux 10.20 DCE thread build

Re: Configuring out obstacks

CONST fixes

constification for lang_specific_driver

Constify IDENTIFIER_POINTER; reduce calls to get_identifier


Correct internal prototype of __builtin_saveregs

Correction to my last change

Re: counted loop patch

A couple of testcases from GNATS

Re: cpp -traditional, *Initialization*:1: warning: "__mips" redefined

cpp0 #pragma bug

cpp: doc fixes and minor tweaks

cpplib chunk of integrated-preprocessor patch

cpplib: Suppress warnings in system headers

cpplib: backslash-newline

cpplib: callbacks

cpplib: fixes for ObjC in integrated preprocessor

cpplib: Further cleanup (was: Re: cpplib: initialisation cleanup)

cpplib: initialisation cleanup

cpplib: more cppinit.c cleanup

cpplib: Plug more memory leaks.

cpplib: simplify merge_include_chains

cpplib: Warning for multiline strings in directives

cse.c patch for IA-64 abort on optimizable switch statement

Re: cvs c++ -vs- libgcj

Descriptions for gmicro TARGET_SWITCHES

Re: DJGPP changes r2

Re: DJGPP patch for fixincludes

doc typos

Documentation for some SH -m flags

Don't let a language override -g

Re: Don't replace givs that are used before being set

dump file cleanup for reload

DWARF 2 frame info patch

dwarf2 cleanup patch

dwarf2out bugfix patch

dwarf2out multiple CU patch

emit_group_load tweek

emit_group_store vs complex

enable -freorder-blocks

Error :/cvs/src/src/gdb/remote-array.c

extended characters (was Re: The integrated preprocessor)

EXTRA_CONSTRAINT definition change

A few little loop.c cleanup patches

Re: Filenames with "=" crash contrib/test_summary

finish IA-64 ABI change for structure parameter passing

Fix for -fshort-wchar warnings ...

fix for 20000405-3 on aix64

fix for 930921-1.c on aix64

fix for attribute aligned on typedef bug

Re: Fix for c9[09]-impl-decl-1.c tests

Fix for compile/20000804-1.c

Re: Fix for demangling problems in libiberty

Fix for execute/920428-2.c on conditional execution machines & D30V warning fix

Fix for i386 execute/20000731-1.c (sibcall versus regstack)

fix for recent gcc.dg/920413-1.c failure

fix for toplevel build problem

Fix Objective C string concatentation

Fix restore of call-clobbered multi-word register

Fix to cpp.texi

Fixes to array constructors

fixinclude patches for AIX 4.3.3

Re: Fixproto fix

float-i386.h long double cleanup

flow cond_exec bug

flow.c bugfix

Followup patch for my fix to fix execute/920428-2.c on conditional execution machines

Re: Format checking patch

Format checking reorganisation patch

format checking standards patch

Format checking testcases regexp adjustment

function.c patch for ia64 cross compiler abort

Gas patch to support dwarf2 debugging info on sh port

gas produces a syntax error under sh (cc -pg)

GC statistics tweaks

Gcc 2.96 endianness fixes for MIPS/Linux and MIPS/*

Re: gcc configure --with-headers broken?

Re: Gcc download link broken.

gcc intrinsics for am33 parallel integer arithmetic

GCC patch to support dwarf2 debugging info on sh port

Re: GCC wint_t patch

Re: gcc-ss-20000807: Internal error on hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00


Re: gcc/dependence.c problem on HP-UX 10.20

gcc/gthr-posix.h changes

Re: gcc/gthr-posix.h changes (take 2)

get_attr_* speedups

Re: Huge regression...

i386 andsi_1/andhi_1 tweak

i386 fix installed


i386 PIC prologues/epilogues changes (and replacement for CONST fix)

i386 string operation fixes, SSE tweaks etc...

i386 string operations fix 3

IA-64 unwind handler cleanup

ia64 -fprofile-arcs crash

ia64 32-shift tweek

ia64 fix execute/931018-1.c

ia64 if-convert crash

ia64 intrinsics rewrite

ia64 long double support

ia64 loop tweek

ia64 nonlocal_goto fix

ia64 prologue tweek

ia64 prologue/epilogue rewrite 1/N

ia64 prologue/epilogue rewrite 2/N

ia64 prologue/epilogue rewrite 3/N

ia64 prologue/epilogue rewrite 4/4

ia64 promote_mode

ia64 shift patch

ia64 timode reload fix, part 2

ia64 timode reload tweek

ia64 varargs fix

ia64 varargs hazard

ia64 virtual register elimination fix

Improving reload debugging dumps

insn-attrtab.c on diet


The integrated preprocessor

ix86_expand_branch fix

java parallel make patch

java patch: fix for -pg builds

Java: array alignment

JAVA: byte compiler fixes

Re: koenig lookup in C++ [Cleanup patch]


leading blank in multilibbed CC/CXX confuses multi-language libtool

libiberty parallel make fix

Re: libiberty patch - configure/makefile for cygwin

libiberty/strsignal.c decl breaks with old Cygwin tool-chains

libio PATCH: fix bogus friend delaration

libobjc/aclocal.m4 is a duplicate of libtool.m4

libstdc++ PATCH: bitset

libstdc++ PATCH: bitset::any

libstdc++-v3 PATCH: bitset

libstdc++-v3 PATCH: Fix minor errors

libstdc++-v3 PATCH: Unnamed parameter


Re: libstdc++-v3/std_cstddef.h's #include_next x libg++

lists.html patch

A little bit of additional flexibility in crtstuff.c

Look for _G_config.h in libio build dir

Re: loop data dependence

Loop debugging patch

Re: M*Core compiler problem - it generates a non-existent instruction

make_compound_operation buglet

make_extraction fix

make_extraction fix + speedup

Re: Mangle question

merge_blocks buglet

Minor arm.c patch

Minor bug in chosing record mode

Minor bug in fixup_var_refs_1

Re: MIPS gcc `leasi' pattern bug [PATCH]

mn10300: remove warnings and fix reload bug

mn10300: wrong debugging info

Monthly update of search.html (boring, committed).

More adjustments to cpplib to support the integrated preprocessor

More C standards testcases

More C standards tests

More C99 format checking patches

More c99status.html updates

More format extensions tests

more objc.exp fixes

Re: more on ICE in current mainline (x86) (msg00269.html)

More patch to diagnostic library

More printf testcases

New feature: return with SP depressed

Re: New feature: return with SP depressed -- naming

new option -fconstant-string-class added to the Objective-C frontend

Re: New testcase & bug fix for function.c

Re: New warning patch: Disabling gcse

no-crt0 patch for mn10300

no_new_pseudos conversion for arm.md

Re: Now that my g77/gcc assignment is in - here's the Fortran-intrinsics-const patch.

Now that my g77/gcc assignment is in - here's the Fortran-intrinsics-const patch.

objc testsuite patch


Re: Optimization bug

Re: Optimization level iteration for dg framework

partial fix for c89-array-lvalue.c

Patch -Wtraditional, numeric constant suffix warnings (take 2)

Patch -Wtraditional, warn about `U' integer constant suffix

Patch -Wtraditional: detect non-zero initialization of unions

Patch fix rtx_unstable_p and improve rtx_varies_p MEM handling

PATCH for "thanks.html broken"

Patch for 'long long' integer constants

Re: Patch for gcc.dg/compare2.c "case 10"

Re: patch for HI-UX/WE2 on Hitachi 3050RX

patch for IA-64 function call miscompilation

patch for ia64.h typos

Patch for problem with -g option

Patch for reload bug on ARM chip

patch for rs6000 .sdata handling, especially with C++ and Java

Patch for s/ANSI C/ISO C/

Patch for various configuration bogons

Patch for warnings in dependence.c (some remain)

Patch for X/Open %n$ format checking, and more testcases

Patch installed, avoid -Wtraditional warnings in system headers

Patch installed: another -Wtradtional !in_system_header check

patch to align gobal vars having packed attribute

PATCH to C++ diagnotics infrastructure, part 1

Patch to c-lang.c: Initialize lang_printer

Re: patch to clean up config/mips/mips.h slightly

PATCH to cp/ir.texi

patch to cse.c:insert_regs applied

Patch to diagnostic library

Patch to diagnostic machinery: add more flexibility

PATCH to diagnostics

Patch to diagnostics library

Patch to expand_inline_function

Patch to find entry edges to natural loops

Re: Patch to fix combine REG_NONNEG note distribution

Patch to fix memrefs_conflict_p

Patch to fix noncompile/label-lineno-1.c

Patch to fix rtx_unstable_p & rtx_varies_p handling of vectors

Patch to fix true_dependence & write_dependence_p oops

Re: patch to generate align 0 for packed attributes

Patch to improve alias analysis handling of i386 GOT

Patch to improve loop MEM handling

Patch to improve PIC find_base_term

Patch to improve PIC find_base_term (version 2)

Patch to improve PIC rtx_unstable_p & rtx_addr_can_trap

Patch to improve rtx_unstable_p

Patch to improve scan_loop

Re: Patch to improve shadowing of loop variables

Patch to improve true_dependence & write_dependence_p

Patch to kill more globals from loop.c

Patch to make warnings about mismatched brace count optional

Patch to output multiple compilation units for DWARF2

Patch to prevent do_tablejump from marking vector as unchanging

PATCH to testsuite/lib/old-dejagnu.exp

Patch to web pages: add list of front ends

PATCH: Add a test-results section to BP page

PATCH: Add gcc bootstrap info to testing section of BP project page

PATCH: add missing bits to bootstrapping-gcc subsection of BP project page

PATCH: add web2c to packages-tested section of BP project page

PATCH: alpha*-dec-linux* and install/specific.html

Re: Patch: avoid prototype warnings for SIG_DFL defined as (void(*)())0

Re: Patch: avoid prototype warnings for SIG_DFL defined as (void(*)())0

PATCH: Better MAIN_NAME_P for all C-ish front-ends

PATCH: BPs & cleanups for ARRAY_SIZE

PATCH: BPs for fixinc

PATCH: build gcc/gcc/depedence.c w/HPUX ANSI C

Re: PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types to void*

Re: PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types to void*

Re: PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types to void*

Re: PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types to void*

PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types to void*

Re: PATCH: change splay_tree_key & splay_tree_value types tovoid*

PATCH: CODE_FOR_nothing value changed

PATCH: contrib/gcc_update

Patch: cpp #pragma fix

PATCH: Delete VAX sltu and sgeu insn patterns

PATCH: detect dead memory stores with auto increments

Re: PATCH: dwarf source type for java language

PATCH: extensions.html

PATCH: fix a couple of bounds violations

PATCH: Fix assorted bounds violations

PATCH: fix bpmake script on BP project page

PATCH: fix for problem in i386.md ashlqi3_1_lea pattern

PATCH: Fix redudant "and" in BP project page.

PATCH: fix unescaped open brace in tm.texi

PATCH: Fix warnings in fixinc

PATCH: Forward proj-bp.html to projects/bp/main.html

PATCH: g++.old-deja/g++.brendan/ctors1.C and ctors2.C

PATCH: gcc/cse.c: warning removal

Patch: gcj PR 305

Patch: gcj PR 310

PATCH: gen_call => GEN_CALL

Patch: iconv conversion for gcj

Patch: Include WARN_CFLAGS in CFLAGS passed for building fixinc.sh

PATCH: index.html and links to GNATS.

PATCH: INSN_P Retrofit (long)

PATCH: install/test.html

Patch: Java PR 310

PATCH: mention gdb patch in toolchain section of BP project page

PATCH: Minor cleanups

Re: patch: mips{,64}-elf (-mips3) vs. ctors & dtors

PATCH: misc corrections to BP project page

PATCH: More uses of ARRAY_SIZE

PATCH: move bounded-pointer project web pages to subdir

Patch: new testsuite entry, testing lineno for label diagnostics

Patch: Prune unused DECL_STMTs from saved tree structure

PATCH: pseudo conditional traps for ix86

PATCH: Re-enable building libg++

PATCH: readings.html

PATCH: Remove `assert'

PATCH: Remove iterators

PATCH: Revamp CFLAGS handling [was Re: PATCH: VAX -J assembler option]

PATCH: revert libiberty/random.c change

PATCH: robots.txt and the F-O-M

patch: Sign-extension bug (?) in immed_double_const

Re: PATCH: SSA for hard registers

Patch: testsuite entries for testing -Wtraditional

Re: PATCH: typo in flow.c

PATCH: typo in gthr-dce.h

PATCH: update BP project page

PATCH: Update package-testing-status section of BP project page

PATCH: update packages-tested section of BP project page

PATCH: Update status section of BP project page

PATCH: use non-readonly data section for objc references

PATCH: VAX -J assembler option

PATCH: VAX sltu and sgeu patterns

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess fix

PATCH[cvs-20000811]: Fix objc documentation

PATCH[cvs-20000815]: Fix test for libstdc++ version number

PATCH[cvs-20000819]: Fix for frame pointer omission and exception handling (was: Re: C++ exception handling broken if parts of libgcc are compiled using `-fomit-frame-pointer´)

Patches: Re: libio testsuite: timeout compiling tFile.cc

PATH: flow.c problem with autoinc solved.

PATH: mixing define_peephole and define_peephole2

pexecute.c cleanup

printf 'I' flag patch

printf checking X/Open extensions patch

Re: Problems with conditional execution and thumb code generation

Problems with the way we calculate costs

prologue_get_pc fix

Proposed unspec documentation change

Prototype installed to rs6000.c

Q: slight ARM code optimisation

Reactivate --enable-c-cpplib

real.c patch for IA-64 cross compiler build failure

reg-stack fix

reload bugfix

reload patch to fix compile/20000804-1.c on powerpc

reload: fix for gcc.c-torture/execute/990127-1.c -O0 on SH

removing XPASSes

Restore set_fatal_function

RFA: alignment computed by get_inner_reference

RFA: Elimination of compile time warning messages building mips.c

RFA: gcc/Makefile.in, make s-under depend on specs

RFA: Recording MIPS ABI selection in binaries

RFC: patch to fix g++.old-deja/g++.other/loop2.C

Re: RFC: Patch to libgcc2.h

sanity check for cpp_init()

scanf format checking patch

secondary reload reversions and fixes

Re: sed: command garbled

Set is VOIDmode.

Re: several messages

SH asm underscore prefixes

SH config headers: avoid nesting #includes

SH md fpu_switch[01] simplifications

SH patches checked in

SH patches for DImode comparing

SH: cmpeqdi splitter messes up the CFG

Re: sign-extending smaller modes

simplify_relational_operation related fix fix fix

simplify_shift_count reversions and fixes

Small test suite tweak

small testsuite tweaks

small tweak for cpp_register_pragma_space

small tweak for cppfiles.c

Some formatting clean-ups for the SH port

Splitter for call insn

SSA-based dead-code elimination

stack memory aliasing fix

streampos patch for indstream.cc

strftime format checking patch

struct movables patch for loop.c

subreg-safety for rs6000.md

Re: SUBREGs and modes

support IA-64 specific elf header flags

SYMBOL_REFs are Pmode.

template typedef

tertiary reload sanity

Test case for constant expression constraints

Testcase for bogus "control reaches end", (-foptimize-sibling-calls)

Testcase for PR c/471

Testcase for PR c/471 - take 2

Testing an already-installed g++

Testsuite FAILs under hpux 10.20 with gcc-2.96 CVS 20000817

Re: thanks.html broken

tm.texi REG_CLASS_CONTENTS documentation clarification

Trivial i386.md cleanup

Trivial PA speedup

Two preprocessor bug fixes

Re: Two problems in bastring located and fixed: Race-condition on multiprocessors and bug in compare

Typo in previous change to config-ml.in

Unreviewed patch

Update for ABOUT-GCC-NLS

Updated g77 version message.

Re: validate_replace_rtx_1 fix version 2

validate_replace_rtx_1 fix version 3


VOIDmode comparisons, take 2

warning patch for mips.c

Warning patches installed

warning suppression

warnings fixes

Warnings from strings.h compiling fixinc/gnu-regex.c

Re: what's up with automake?

workaround for IA-64 -fssa testsuite failures

Re: xgcc: installation problem, cannot exec `../stage1/collect2': Arg list too long

Yet another forgotten patch

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