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#define foo/**/1 fails

(C++) access control cleanup patch

(C++) namespace tweak

(C++) patch for friends and type access control

(C++) patch to do_identifier

(C++) patch to fix class using-declarations for functions

(C++) patch to hack_incomplete_structures

(C++) patch to implement access control for types

(C++) patch to protected member access

(C++) patch to redeclaration_error_message

(C++) protected access tweak

(C++) type access control update

(C++) yet another type access control patch

(installed) Re: Patch for tm.texi, remove remnants of two schedulers

Re: (patch) protoize tweak for djgpp/dos

(Patch) x86 memset bug. Fix typo in x86 "clrstrsi" expander

-fdump-unnumbered patch

-fleading-underscore fix for elf targets

-iprefix to accept paths without trailing '/'

0215 HP-UX wait.h patch

20000207 - fix HP-UX compilation

3 Day Exotic Trip - Tickets for Two - FREE!

Re: 64-bit powerpc compare with constant problem

[C patch] recent alignof regression

[c++ patch] template deduction of return type

[c++ patch] Warn for assignment from int to bool

[C++ PATCH]: Fix g++.pt/memtemp79.C

[C++ PATCH]: warning on implicit float->int

[C++] Patch to diagnostic routines sequence calls.

[C++PATCH]: Fix for ICE 159

[chill patch] bootstrap failure

Re: [cygnus.egcs.patches] avr port: patch for configure

Re: [Fwd: Minor RTEMS patch (configure stanzas in wrong order)]

[G++] PATCH to turn on automatic line-wrapping

[loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de: C++, 2.95: vtable thunks patch]

[patch for] bootstrap failure on alloca-less hosts

[PATCH] Allow FPU insns into SPARC v9 delay slots

[PATCH] Clean up diagnostics for static ctors/dtors

[Patch] Error in gcc/java/except.c (current CVS) prevents bootstrapping

Re: [Patch] fix for loop optimizer (strength reduction)

[PATCH] Fix to the PR #147.

[Patch] fixinc broken: Endless loop at bootstrapping

[PATCH] java bytecode compiler

[PATCH] Java: cleanup patch.

[PATCH] Java: warning reduction.

[patch] mark_jump_label and labels in MEMs

[patch] ppc ccX REGNO cleanup

[patch] ppc ccX splitters

[patch] ppc fpmem remvoal

[patch] ppc prologue scheduling/ -fPIC and -msched-prolog

[patch] Recognize new mips option.

[PATCH] Sparc long double patch

[PATCH] sparc64 -mno-fpu fix, death of LIVE_G0 and BROKEN_SAVERESTORE

[PATCH] Updated -mlive-g0 patch for SPARC

[patch] weak symbol support for pa

[PATCH]: ABI compliance.

[PATCH]: Cleanup patch from Joerg Brunsmann

[Patch]: Fix to the Java PR #82

[Patch]: Minor fixes.

[Solaris 2] Link with -ldl if profiling



Add support for WinCE target to config.sub

Add support for WinCE targeted toolchains

Add top level configure support for WinCE format.

Alignment cleanup

almost all of DWARF EH for ppc

alpha crtbegin update

Alpha issues in g++ testsuite

Re: am-uclinux-patch

another DJGPP config patch

ARM constant pool placement

arm long_call support patch.

Avoid redundant add in dreferencing local objects on i386

avr port: patch for .texi files

avr port: patch for configure

Re: avr port: tar file with config/avr/*

Re: BeOS patch to suppress gcc2_compiled symbol

Re: Bootstrap build failure in ss20000201

bootstrap-lean on a diet.

Re: broken srand() decl in sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4

brown paper bag bugfix

BUF_LEN in haifa-sched.c

Re: Bug: egcs-20000207: option misspelled

Re: bug: forgotten `regs_ever_live'

Bugfix in store_field

Bugfix to cse.c

Bugfix to function.c:number_blocks

Re: C++ Patch: Add GC root for free_binding_level

C++ PATCH: document -fmessage-length


C++ PATCH: Fix new abi bootstrap

C++ PATCH: Implement new ABI pointers-to-member functions

C++ PATCH: merge primary/secondary vtables

C++ PATCH: minor cleanup for class.c

C++ PATCH: more _CONTEXT stuff

C++ PATCH: new ABI and testsuite

Re: C++ PATCH: operator delete[]

C++ PATCH: pointer-to-member ABI test

C++ PATCH: restore tree-based inlining memory savings

C++ PATCH: run tests without line-wrapping

C++ PATCH: static_cast regression

C++ PATCH: Use push_srcloc/pop_srcloc

C++, 2.95: vtable thunks patch

C++: Bug in valarray class

C++: Naming the standard properly

change for -fleading-underscores on ppc.

Change to CVSROOT/loginfo to generate URLs in cvs commit messages

Changes to function.c made "return" mandatory. PATCH to fix it.

Re: Changes to function.c made "return" mandatory. PATCH to fixit.

Re: Clean up diagnostics for static ctors/dtors

cleanup patch for ppc + -fleading-underscore.

Cleanup: gcse.c

collect2 patch for DWARF EH

Compiling K&R `\x' without -traditional

complete fix for the lost newlines problem

Re: config.sub entry for mmix-knuth-mmixware

convert #define to use cpp_get_token

Correction of warnings

couple o flow fixes

cpplib error message overhaul

cpplib internal interface cleanup

cpplib lexer isolation, next stage

cpplib: command line argument parsing

cpplib: Fix potential read beyond end of buffer

cpplib: a few more cleanups

cpplib: Cleanup of option parsing

cpplib: kill dead code

cpplib: Patch to read_and_prescan

cpplib: read_and_prescan

cpplib: stricter checking of command-line opts

Re: crash on deleted labels

crtfooS makefile patch

Re: cse.c bugfix for fr30

Re: Cygwin patch for Makefile.in

Debug symbols in common block

direct return optimization

direct_notype_declarator and constructors

DJGPP config update

Documentation patch (-mno-new-mnemonic)

Re: Does someone object to this patch?

DWARF EH patch for AIX shared libraries, etc.

egcs/gcc/config/sh/sh.h patch

empty struct initializer fix

Epilogue RETURN threading patch to fix flow checking failure

Re: equalize C and C++ asm

Excess files in POTFILES.in

Re: failing to copy NOTEs

Failing to emit # directives for #line N "foo"

fix --with-dwarf2

Fix calls to malloc, realloc in prefix.c

fix cpp segmentation fault with perverse input

Fix for --enable-checking ICE on __extension__

fix for bug with pushback of 0xFF in lexer

fix for flow info corruption in reg-stack

fix for symbol conflicts with BSD's ctype.h

Fixed typos in tm.texi (installed)

fixinc missing fixes on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d

fixinc's gen-machine.h

function attribute interrupt_handler for x86

Re: Funny bug

Further pending SPARC patches

Re: g77-20000131 crash with -O2 -funroll-loops -mcpu=v8 on sparc

GCC 2.95.2 configure Reliant Unix

GCC accepts wide strings in #line directives

Re: gcc internal error for reserved symbols

gcc patch to add arm-*-conix config

Re: gcc/cpphash.c:910: too many arguments to function `cpp_lookup'

gcj patch: class initialization optimization

gcj patch: emit vtables for abstract classes

gcj/89 patch: emit dependencies in preferred order


RE: Here is the homeowner's loan form

HI to SI mode miss conversion on MIPS.

Re: How to see labels in common block

i18n tweaks

i386 compute_frame_size cleanups

Re: i386 epilogue code tweek

i386 mulqi patch

i386 stringops inlining patch

i386.h tiny cleanup

Re: ICE in verify_local_live_at_start, current CVS

Installed HTML4 correction to lists.html (boring)

Integration of the MCore submiision


Re: IRIX - 20000207 still broken

Re: Is comparing against 0.0 safe?

ix86 HImode immediates patch

ix86 qi/hi to si mode promoting patch.

jump.c/optabs.c bugfix

Re: JUMP_LABEL problem and patch

kill NO_MD_PROTOTYPES: revised patch

LABEL_ALIGN patch applied to final.c / config/sh/sh*

The last checkin for function.c looks wrong

libI77: typo fixed in gcc-2_95-branch


long double cleanup

Re: Loop clean up

Re: M*Core port contributed by Cygnus, a Red Hat company

make -j patch for gcc/Makefile.in

Makefile.in problem with libcpp.a

many minor changes to the ppc port

Match declaration of __clz_tab in longlong.h to definition (patch)

MD_CALL_PROTOTYPES fix, i386 only

Minor bugfix in diagnostic.c

Minor bugfix in lcm.c

Minor fix to gprof on HP/UX 11

minor long double fix for the PA

Minor nit in alpha.h

Minor nit in gcov-io.h

Minor nits in toplev.c

Minor problem in toplev.c

Re: Misleading typo in C++ error

Missing include for caller-save.c

Missing option in cp/lang-options.h

More alignment tweeks

A more consistent naming scheme for libiberty/hashtab.c

More i386 esp optimizations

More i386 expand_prologue tweaks.

more signedness compiler warnings in cplus-dem.c

New bug reporting address

new entry for 'optimizer inadequacies' page (attn loop experts)

New feature patches: -mlong-calls command line switch on ARM.

newppc-branch: Cleanups again

Nit in cp/Make-lang.in

a number of subtle bug fixes for cpplib

Obvious, micro-patch: MAINTAINERS

Old archives added to search.html

old fixincludes coup des gras

old function.c patch

one line fix for cccp segfault with malformed arguments

PA 128bit long double

PA64 Infrastructure

Patch approval?

patch for 102785-CR-1

Patch for bitmap.h (was Re: Out-of-sight compile times for calculate_loop_depth)

Re: Patch for bitmap.h (was Re: Out-of-sight compile times forcalculate_loop_depth)

patch for C++ front end bug with tree inlining

patch for case 102820

Re: patch for compile/991229-3.c -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loopsSH failure

Re: patch for compile/991229-3.c -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops SH failure

patch for compile/991229-3.c -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loopsSH failure

PATCH for debugging with RTL prologues

Patch for haifa vfork() problem

patch for negative offsets in DWARF

patch for NOTE_INSN_SETJMP placement problem

patch for sparc port core dumps with -msoft-float

Patch for sparc.md (get_pc)

Patch for tm.texi, remove remnants of two schedulers

Patch installed for sparc warning nits

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed: add fixinc dependency on machname.h

Patch installed: add prototypes

Patch installed: Avoid stringification of macro args in longlong.h

Patch installed: prototype nits in gthr*

Patch installed: prototypes for cp dir.

Patch installed: prototypes for fortran dir.

Patch installed: prototypes for java dir.

Patch installed: re-add prototype in java/except.c

Patch installed: warning nits

Re: PATCH Re: Bootstrap problem on i386 when configured with CFLAGS=-O in environment

PATCH Re: Bootstrap problem on i386 when configured with CFLAGS=-Oin environment

Re: PATCH resource.c/jump.c enable-checking failures

Patch to add bzero, bcmp and strncmp builtins

Patch to allow targets to prevent inlining

Patch to bitmap_operation

Patch to correct usage of _BSD_RUNE_T_ macro on FreeBSD

Patch to define tree_int_cst_msb.

PATCH to diagnostic.c

Patch to dwarf2out.c:gen_block_die

Patch to dwarf{2,}out.c

Patch to eliminate DECL_FIELD_SIZE

patch to eliminate unnecessary bitfield insert for 64-bit target

Patch to expand_decl

Patch to fix a segfault in cppinit.c

Re: Patch to fix emit_insn_before

Re: patch to fix SH4 mode-switching problems

Re: Patch to make find_last_value more flexible

Patch to make fixinc.svr4 C++-correct

Patch to make get_condition more flexible.

Patch to swap libgcc2 and libgcc1 for libgcc.a

Patch: -Wall -vs- -Wunused for gcj

PATCH: __attribute__((nonnull))

Patch: bug fix in gcjh

Patch: bug fix in jcf-dump

PATCH: c9xstatus.html

Patch: Code Bloat g++

Re: PATCH: contribute.html, cvs.html, cvswrite.html

Patch: create a BUILD libiberty.a

PATCH: CVSROOT/htdocs-checkout

PATCH: debugging information, again

PATCH: faq.html -> bug.html

Re: Patch: FIRST and LAST fields for loops; incremental br. pred. changes.

Re: Patch: FIRST and LAST fields for loops; incremental br. pred.changes.

PATCH: fix dwarf2 generation for PTR_SIZE = 2 & 8

Re: Patch: Fix fixinc.* filename clashes in /tmp

Patch: fix-header.c, also fix prototypes for functions taking "void".

Patch: g++ -vs- Java exceptions, take 2

Patch: g++ `catch' and `throw' of Java objects

Patch: GC marker bitmaps for gcj

Patch: gcj -vs- Boehm GC, take 2

Patch: gcj -vs- hash synchronization

Patch: gcjh -jni

Patch: gcjh -vs- class names with `_'

Patch: gcjh bug fix

Patch: getopt -vs- Java utilities

PATCH: htdocs/gcc-2.95 cleanup

PATCH: htdocs/lists.html: Add "gcc" anchor

Patch: incremental addition for static prediction

PATCH: index.html and checkin.html

Patch: jcf-io.c -vs- Utf-8

PATCH: lists.html (was: procmail FAQ fodder)

PATCH: make initialize_constant_valid_p more generous

PATCH: makes pj backend compile again.

PATCH: MIPS -mgp32

PATCH: mirrors.html

Re: Patch: More basic-block reordering infrastructure.

Patch: new file libgcc2.h for libgcc2.c macros and decls

Re: Patch: New file version.h, eliminate explicit decls of version_string

Patch: New file version.h, eliminate explicit decls of version_string

Patch: New file, tsystem.h

PATCH: onlinedocs/index.html


Patch: Problem solved in except.c

PATCH: recent regression __alignof__ long double

PATCH: REG_LABEL notes missing in flow2

PATCH: remove htdocs/egcs-1.2/schedule.html

Patch: reorg bug on machines with multiple delay slots

PATCH: search.html (was: Remove broken SSI on search.html)

PATCH: sizetype asserts

PATCH: steering.html markup

PATCH: style.mhtml and DOCTYPE

PATCH: typo in xcoffout.c

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess -- process single files

Re: Patches for java on ARM: gcjh

Patches for the merged arm-thumb branch

Path to speed up flow_loop_tree_node_add

Potential bug in stmt.c (expand_value_return)

Potential memory corruptions problem in jump.c

ppc prolog/epilogue changes in preparation for EH.

Preferred stack boundary propagation patch V2

preferred_stack_boundary propagation patch + structure for permanent function data

PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY/function calling code fix

Prevent arm-elf gcc from emiting ".align 0" directives

Re: Prevent extraneous errors from returnjump_p with rtl checking

Proposal and patch: Allow whitespace in md constraints

Re: Proposed reload/stack_alignment_needed fix.

Prototypes for Thumb compiler

quadlib.asm bugfix

Random ppc changes.

regarding casting

reload fix for most C++ test failures on ppc-linux.

Remove broken SSI on search.html (moderately boring)

remove last uses of NO_MD_PROTOTYPES

Replacing old FAQ with FOM

Resend: Patch for bogus uses of TREE_PERMANENT

restrict fix-header to cpplib public interface

reworked long_call heuristic patch.

Re: RFC: Using `g++' rather than `xgcc' in Makefiles/testsuite

Re: RFC: Using `g++' rather than `xgcc' inMakefiles/testsuite

rounding denormal numbers with soft-float

rtti.c: honor-std + new-abi: __vmi_class_type_info not in std::

Re: rtti.c: honor-std + new-abi: __vmi_class_type_info not instd::

Re: Running testsuite

search.html monthly update (committed, boring)

Simple i386.md fix.

simplify_relational_operation tweek

Size changes, round 1

Size changes, round 2

Small post-stupid cleanup

some -freoder-blocks fixes

some new debugging functions

speed up GC checking

suggestion: tweak for fold-const.c

synchronize config.guess and config.sub with master repository

testcase to testsuite.

testsuite addition

Re: thread_prologue_epilogue_insns cleanup

Thumb: pevent extraneous jumps around constant tables

Re: Thumb: prevent extraneous jumps around constant tables

Time PPro tunning patch

today's batch of cpplib updates

Tweak to testsuite/gcc.dg/special/ecos.exp

typo fix

Typo fixed in tm.texi

Typos in gcc.texi, tm.texi, md.texi (installed)

un-break libobjc on i386

un-break libobjc, revised

unnamed #pragma fails to compile

vtable thunks patch

Warn if `#' is preceded by whitespace?

Warning for #line 32768

Warning for constant functions

warnings fixes, Fortran subdir

Warnings fixes, i386 subdir

Warnings fixes, java subdir

Warnings fixes, top level

Re: webpage: update cpplib todo list, add gcc-micro.html

Re: while loop

wwwdocs/bin/preprocess - patch to give zero on success

x86 direct return correctness

Re: x86 dwarf patch

your copyright assignment and disclaimer

Your recent DECL_SIZE_UNIT patch

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