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Re: (6/6): i386-pc-interix support -- gcc

(C++) -Wall change

(C++) doc update

(C++) followup linkage patch

(C++) linkage patch

(C++) mangling correction

(C++) mangling fixes

(C++) nested field name lookup patch

(C++) patch for anon union access control

(C++) patch for arrays in templates

(C++) patch for bogus ambiguity error

(C++) patch for common ptm type

(C++) patch for field calls

(C++) patch for obstack pain

(C++) patch to add static for SunOS 4 cc

(C++) patch to add_builtin_candidates

(C++) patch to add_function_candidate

(C++) patch to build_exception_variant

(C++) patch to conversion op handling

(C++) remove cruft

Re: (C++) sed fix for libstdc++/configure.in

(C++) template statics linkage patch

Re: (Really, summarizing remaining warnings)

-g does not work anymore

10 new C++ EH testcases

Re: 1990314 fails to build

[Axel.Thimm@physik.fu-berlin.de: Cross compilation and RANLIB_TEST]

[craig@jcb-sc.com: Re: SIGSEGV: exceptions with thread specific data]

[fixinc] c_asm.h fix and incomplete use of fixinc.tmp in fixincl.sh

[patch for libg++] Re: 1990314 fails to build

[patch for libstdc++] Re: g++, pthreads, -D__STL_PTHREADS, and link errors

[patch] Re: Error whilst compiling egcs-core-19990314.tar.gz

[PATCH] Static variable assignment fix, printf format fix.

[PATCH] Tweak for tlink.c

[Patch]: SIGSEGV: exceptions with thread specific data

Re: [take 2] Re: configuration patch for host_exeext != ""

Re: __attribute__ ((constructor)) broken in C++

Accidental code duplication

adding a29k/i960 option doc strings

Re: Addition to EGCS FAQ Octave entry

Re: advice wanted on complex obstack bug...

alpha tieable modes [Re: egcs/gcc internal errors in the recent snapshot]

alpha-dec-osf4.0d port broken last two snapshots, simple patch

Another batch of warnings fixed

Another patch for "clobbered" warnings (fold-const.c)

Another patch for "might be clobbered" warnings (c-lex.c)

Another round of java patches

another testsuite tweak

Apparent merge lossage in cexp.y

Re: assign_stack_temp_for_type BLKmode size rounding

better common debug info


biv elimination patch

bool on sdb systems

Re: bootstrap failure

Re: Bug in cpplib (was: Re: typos in f77 docs)

C++ dir warning patch part 1/5

C++ dir warning patch part 2/5

C++ dir warning patch part 3/5

C++ dir warning patch part 4/5

C++ dir warning patch part 5/5

C++ patch for "might be clobbered" warnings in cp/lex.c

C++ PATCH for access buglet

C++ PATCH for access control

C++ PATCH for another friend crash

C++ PATCH for error-message

C++ PATCH for member templates

C++ PATCH for minor pt.c cleanup

C++ PATCH for my own stupidity

C++ PATCH for name-lookup

C++ PATCH for pointer-to-member functions

C++ PATCH for protected member access checks

C++ PATCH for template crash

C++ PATCH for templates/friends

C++ Patch for various typename issues.

C++ PATCH: typedefs breaking conversions

C++ PATCH:Bound ttp node type changes

C++: Internal compiler error 981117.

check_dbra_loop debug buglet

choose_reload_regs patch

clipper.h docs

config/m68k/lb1sf68.asm (udivsi3): Change jmi to jcs. Fix comments.

A const-ify patch for gperf generated files

A constify patch part 1/7

A constify patch part 2/7

A constify patch part 3/7

A constify patch part 4/7

A constify patch part 5/7

A constify patch part 6/7

A constify patch part 7/7

A couple of small patches to EGCS web pages

Re: cpp driver, broken up

Re: cpp replacement

cpplib initialization overhaul, revised [patch]

Re: cpplib: initialization overhaul

cprop into conditional jumps

cse canon tweek

cse patch applied

a custom driver for the visible cpp [patch]

Re: cvs commit: ports/lang/egcs Makefile ports/lang/egcs/files

debug fix

delay slot debug dump bug

delete_address_reloads_1 bug fix

dir separator patch for gcc/collect2.c


Directory separator patches part 2

Directory separator patches part 3

Directory separator patches updated

disable -ffunction-sections warning

Do not replace GIVs containing volatile memory references

Doc fixes

documentation patch for MIPS

Documentation patchlet

Re: dwarf2 exception fix for djgpp (and possibly others)

Eager newline handling for cpplib [patch]

Editorial fix to g77 news

Editorial fixes to g77 docs

egcs (1.1.1) for BSD/OS 4.0

egcs 1.1.2: patch for gcc/Makefile.in: fixinc.sh rule

egcs 1.1.2: patch for libio/config/hpux.mt:

Re: egcs and Linux kernels

Re: egcs-1.1.2 status


Re: EGCS-19990314, undefined local symbol with a __label__

egcs-bugs now has a hard posting limit

Re: egcs/gcc internal errors in the recent snapshot

egcs/gcc/extend.texi minor fix

egcs/gcc/f/(news.texi, bugs.texi, g77.texi)



egcs/gcc/f/news.texi, egcs/gcc/f/bugs.texi


egcs/gcc/invoke.texi edits


egcs_1_1_branch egcs/gcc/f/

egcs_1_1_branch egcs/gcc/f/bugs.texi

Re: elided copy constructors

elxsi changes

enable-checking fixes

enable-checking: error_mark accessed as type

Enabling LCM

Re: error message egcs

Error reporting in preprocessor broken

error_marks in expand_expr

execute/bf-sign-2.c (struct X): Add u15 field...

expand_asm_operands breaks gcc.c-torture/execute/990130-1.c

expand_assignment bugfix

Re: f2c configure fix

fast-fixincludes fix

FD_ZERO problem description changes in EGCS FAQ.

A few more java dir cleanups

Re: Final patch for shared library problem in SCO OpenServer

Re: Fix -- Wide int sign extension in combine.c

fix for linux network hang

Fix INTEGER*8 conversion bugs

Fixing problem moving a value into HI/LO when -mips16.

Re: flow bug

flow bugfix

Re: flow still deleting important labels

flow tweeks

flow worklist patch [Re: Can you tell me what they are?]

Fortran dir warning cleanup (parts 1 and 2 of 2)

Fortran dir warning cleanup part 1/2

Fortran dir warning cleanup part 2/2

Fortran dir warning patches part 1/3

Fortran dir warning patches part 2/3

Fortran dir warning patches part 3/3

fputs_unlocked warnings

Re: FreeBSD patches for upcoming 1.1.2 release

fx80.h docs

Re: g++ memory bug.

Re: gcc and g++ compilation option to add -rpath (not in FAQ)

gcc driver cleanups

Re: gcc/collect2.c patch


haifa and clobbers

haifa clobber bug fix

haifa tweek

Re: has makeinfo gone nuts?

http://egcs.cygnus.com/cgi-bin/(fortrannews, fortranbugs)

Re: Hurd bug fix

i370 doc patches

i386 ashlsi3 improvements

i860 doc patches

Re: ICE namespace/template bug in egcs-2.93.10

IDATE (VXT) Intrinsic Fix

IDATE Intrinsic (VXT) Year 2000 (Y2K) Fix

immediate dominators

Re: Implicit copy constructor for virtual bases

Improve leaf function prologues/epilogues on i386

Re: incorrect C++ EH tests in egcs tree

Re: Integer sizes in libf2c

Interix -- refresh

Interix, batch II.

Interpolation of Env variables.

Re: Interrupts with GCC/EGCS

Re: Java warning patches part 2/2

Large gcse.c patch

Late cc1plus patch for 1.1.2

LCM framework

libgcc2.c cleanup

Re: A Linux/libc 5 patch for egcs 1.1.2

list-directed float output

local-alloc.c (combine_regs): Don't combine if we have a hard reg

Re: loop.c fix

loop_iterations bug fix

Re: Low overhead looping support

m68k/m68020-elf.h (INIT_SECTION_ASM_OP, FINI_SECTION_ASM_OP): Undef.

m68k/regclass/regmove fun

Makefile.in (stmp-fixinc): Use tooldir instead of gcc_tooldir.

A Makefile.in patch

Re: Masked bitfield comparisons may yield incorrect results

Re: Masked bitfield comparisons may yield incorrect results (back from the dead)


Minor chill fixes

minor fixincludes patches

Minor gcse.c cleanups

mips fix

MIPS PATCH: -mips2 -mlong64

MIPS PATCH: -mlong32

MIPS PATCH: correct the type of mips_explicit_type_size_string.

Re: MIPS test failures

mips.h (TARGET_SWITCHES, TARGET_OPTIONS): Add option doc strings.

MIPS: doc for -m flags

mn10200/mn10200.md (addsi3, subsi3, ashlsi3, lshrsi3, ashrsi3):...


More accurate insn length evaluation for h8300.

More calls.c changes

More expand_call cleanups

More expand_call work

more gcse.c work

Re: More general patch for "mips offs > 16bit", (emit_insn/force_operand inconsistencies, expr.c 1.76).

Re: More general patch for "mips offs > 16bit",(emit_insn/force_operand inconsistencies, expr.c 1.76).

More java dir patches ...

More java dir patches, part 1/5

More java dir patches, part 2/5

More java dir patches, part 3/5

More java dir patches, part 4/5

More java dir patches, part 5/5

more minor fixinc patches

New flow analysis looses on ARM

Re: New make check failure on mips-sgi-irix6.3

Re: New PATCH for CVS mainline sources to make ``--enable-nls'' work

No Subject

objc testsuite driver buglet

Re: optimizer bug, latest version of egcs ( 0 && 0 => 1 )

Overflow problem in loop

pa.h change

PATCH - misc gcj patches

patch applied to choose_reload_regs

patch applied to combine_givs

Patch applied to reload.c

patch applied to reload1.c

A patch for "statement with no effect" warnings in intl calls

A patch for "unused parameter" warnings

Patch for .gdbinit

Re: PATCH for alias sets/stack slots, again

PATCH for CSE speedup

Re: PATCH for EH/Unrolling

Patch for gcc --dump-specs


PATCH for Java break/continue

Patch for limits.h and RTEMS

Re: Patch for mips offs > 16bit, *kludge* for egcs-1.1.2 release

PATCH for purge_addressof sluggishness

PATCH for Re: bootstrap error with --enable-cpplib and --enable-nls

Re: patch for rotation

Re: PATCH for save_tree_status

Patch for spurious test failures with cccp

patch for SVR5-based systems.

patch for volatile/immediate comparison

A patch for warnings in config/mips/mips.*

PATCH handle writing bytecode for floating 5 operator

Patch to __throw et al

Patch to add new target macro: TARGET_WARN_RETURN_TYPE

Patch to better represent x86 movdicc in rtl

Re: Patch to cccp.c to display omitted default include directories

Re: A patch to constify gcc.c

Re: A patch to constify gcc.c (Really, prototyping in config/*/*.h)

Re: A patch to constify gcc.c (Really, summarizing remaining warnings)

Patch to create dbxelf.h

Patch to dwarf2 line number info

Patch to enable exceptions when building C++ libraries

Patch to fix a signedness problem in libobjc

Re: patch to fix i386 FreeBSD and NetBSD TARGET_DEFAULT

Re: patch to handle i386 stack alignment using PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY

Re: patch to handle i386 stack alignment using the stack pointer

patch to handle i386 stack alignment using the stack pointer (ver. 2)

Patch to improve x86 integer -> FP conversions

Patch to improve x86 output_op_from_reg

Patch to move stage2 const handling code from system.h -> gansidecl.h

Patch to preserve programmer specified labels in flow.c

patch to print large constants as hex values

Patch to remove re-assert warnings on powerpc-*-linux-*

Patch to remove x86 FP operations which allowed integers

Patch to rename GO32 to DJGPP

Re: Patch to replace CYGNUS LOCAL with EGCS LOCAL in config.sub

Re: patch to support i[3456]86-pc-uwin

Patch to support {POST,PRE}_MODIFY.

Re: patch was: dwarf2 debug dependent upon GAS?

PATCH: misc small Java fixes

PATCH: more Java evaluation order patches

PATCH: Add missing dependency

PATCH: add pa2.0 instructions to gas

PATCH: Add pa8000 scheduling

PATCH: allow `signed' in a function style cast

PATCH: Better -Woverloaded-virtual diagnostics

Re: PATCH: Change pa FP register alloc order

PATCH: define NULL as 0 instead of (void *)0 for non-GNU C++ parsers

PATCH: extend method search to superinterface and qualified id fix.


PATCH: fix to allow random bytes in Java comments

PATCH: gcjh bug fixes

PATCH: htdocs/announcement.html

PATCH: htdocs/chill.html

PATCH: htdocs/faq.html

PATCH: htdocs/index.html "FAQ, installation"

PATCH: htdocs/index.html -> bugs.html

PATCH: htdocs/install/finalinstall.html

PATCH: htdocs/lists.html

Re: PATCH: htdocs/thanks.html

PATCH: Java: Framework for cross-referencer support.

patch: list-directed float output in libg2c.a

Re: PATCH: more read_integral_parameter'ization

PATCH: pa8000-specific changes

PATCH: profiling broken when PROFDIR is used with solaris

PATCH: rename htdocs/c++bugs.html to bugs.html

PATCH: Tighten method search in interfaces.

PATCH:g++ error formatting

patches applied

Re: Patches for libf2c/lib[FIU]77/Makefile.in (will help SUN make get through in builddir != srcdir)

Patches to support shared libraries on FreeBSD 3 and 4

PATH: More xref framework work and static initializers implementation

Re: PIC patches for libio, libiberty, libstdc++


PowerPC FP constant and profiling changes

pre/lcm change

preliminary patches for column number

Proposed PATCH: cplus-dem.c bug fix

purge_addressof flags badness

push_operand tweek

Re: Questions on how to fix certain java dir warnings...

Re: REG_INC notes going AWOL during reload

Regression with fast-fixincl (was: Re: [patch for libg++] Re: 1990314 fails to build)

reload1.c (calculate_needs_all_insns): When ignore equivalence

reload_as_needed patch applied

reload_combine_note_store fix

remove predefinitions from cccp/cpplib

Re: robots.txt

Rotates on the PA

RS/6000 AIX float_format=none

Re: sched clobber patch killing the PA

sh casesi patch

Re: SH3 problem with switch branch tables

shallow_copy_rtx patch applied to rtl.h / rtl.c / reload.c

Re: simply produced namespace bug

sjlj eh patch

Re: small final.c patch

Small patch for bastring.cc


Re: solaris2 float.h/limits.h conflict


Status: vtable thunks for base classes bug.

Re: stdcall function does not return floating point result - bug in reg-stack.c

strength_reduce bug fix

strict prototype warning patch

Re: svr4 patch for shared libs


Testsuite bugs

Testsuite bugs (corrected)

thanks.html update

toplevel configure.in


typo fixes

typo patch for gcc/config/i386/djgpp.h

Typo spotted. (was: i386 ashlsi3 improvements)

typos in f77 docs

Undo one of my changes to wwwdocs/cvswrite.html

uninit warnings (was Re: (Really, summarizing remaining warnings))

unportable construct in gen-params

unroll.c (loop_iterations): Only call loop_find_equiv_value if we

Update libg2c to netlib f2c-19990317

Update news doc

Updated PATCH for expr.c problems (MIPS, 386), 1.1.2 and current


Re: vxWorks support for Arm

Warn about invoking non-Y2K-compliant intrinsics

A warning patch for config/alpha/alpha.*

A warning patch for config/sparc/*

Warning patch for PDP11 target

A warning patch, ptr assignment cleanup + error w/define after col 0

Warnings in crtstuff.c


Re: wwwdocs/htdocs/egcs-1.1/fortran.html


x86 *bsd cleanups

Re: x86 ashlsi3 improvements

zero extensions for PPro

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