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Re: A const-ify patch for gperf generated files

  In message <>you write:
  > Language "C" is exactly what we want, that's what our hand written
  > code looks like.  So may I install it?
Approved via an earlier message.  Thanks.

  > I simply enjoy doing several at once.  It keep me from getting bored.
  > If you want me to focus exclusively on -W -Wall for 1.2 I can do that.
  > But...
For 1.2 we need to focus on testing, documentation and bugs, not warning
patches.  For example, we need some serious testing of the new fixincludes
code.  It's not particularly fun work, but it absolutely necessary if we are
going to make an egcs-1.2 release.

  > 	This is understandable.  If you'd like to freeze warning work
  > so you're not burdened reviewing too many patches, I'll hold off till
  > after 1.2.  Just let me know which situation it is.

  > PS: I assume its okay to continue working with other maintainers who
  > are amenable since that won't involve your time?  I've still got some
  > stuff I'd like to get done before the cutoff.
Well, I'd rather you spend _your_ energies helping the egcs-1.2 effort instead
of warning hunts I can't control that.


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