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Re: patch for SVR5-based systems.

>   > * i386/sysv5.h: New file to describe UnixWare7/SVR5.
>   > * (i?86-UnixWare7*-sysv): Use it.
>   > * i386/udk.h: Use sysv5.h.   Activate Dwarf-2.
> Seems fine to me.


> Though I don't see why you need the DWARF stuff at all in udk.h since it
> includes sysv5.h which defines dwarf2 as the preferred debugging type.

There was a time when I thought thought supporting non-dwarf2 capable
debuggers with the UDK taret would have been useful.   Since the UDK 
ships with a debugger that groks dwarf2 and doesn't even pretend to work
with older debuggers, I decided that position was fine for EGCS, too.

I removed the explicit override from udk.h.

> You should also go ahead and put a copyright notice on sysv5.h when you
> install it.

I know that pointing to bad examples doesn't make it right but when I 
originally decided not to put one on sysv5.h it was becuase other files
in config/i386.h that were short (esp. those that were essentially wrappers)
didn't have a notice at the top.

That said, I inserted one and committed it.


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