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Re: typos in f77 docs

>One trick I use in my own packages is to make generated files
>read-only.  Then my editor screams at me if I try to edit them, even
>if I don't remember to read the "MACHINE GENERATED: DO NOT EDIT"
>comment at the top.  CVS doesn't really support this, I don't think,
>but we could have `contrib/egcs_update' mark generated files read-only
>since it already knows which ones they are.
>Might help a little.

I agree.  I'd actually thought of this, but I'm not comfortable enough
with the various tools to know whether it'd introduce more problems
than it'd solve.  (That, and I remember back when gcc2 snapshots, or
distributions, or something, came with sources set to read-only, so
I wonder how many people would just "automatically" override this.)

(Actually, I didn't think of changing contrib/egcs_update, because
I haven't tried that yet.  I was thinking of changing the build
stuff to chmod a-w any generated files after creating them, and
rm -f them just before creating them, or something like that.  But
that wouldn't necessarily help people who check out such files,
if CVS doesn't track protections, while contrib/egcs_update could
do a good job of that.)

        tq vm, (burley)

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