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Re: egcs (1.1.1) for BSD/OS 4.0

Jeffrey A Law <> said:
>> So far as I can tell, neither LINK_SPEC or LIB_SPEC allow you to
>> effect how ld is invoked.  They appear to just be args to the linker.
>> Am I incorrect in this?

> But because they effect the args you pass to the linker you can ensure that
> the linker searches the right directories and libraries.

  Hey.  Well, I'm hacking on 1.1.2 now (as you know from my question
yesterday) and am back to trying to figure out how to do this without
needing to hack collect2 in a way you consider ugly.

  Adding it to LINK_SPEC appears to make it come before the -L's and
such that are generated automatically.  Yet these aren't generated in
LIB_SPEC either, as far as I can tell.  I need to figure out where the
-L's for the "normal" library paths get built, and put a new -L after
that.  I'll hunt around for it, but if you can suggest where to put
it, I'd appriciate it.  (I need to add a -L/shlib *after* the
egcs-specific lib dirs, since there may be duplicates of things like


  As a seperate [hopefully quick] question, is there support for
building/installing a  I don't see anything that does it (for linux,
or the like) that I can try to mirror...

                  - Chris

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