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Re: Warning patch for PDP11 target

  In message <>you wr
  > This patch fixes some warnings with the PDP11 target.
  > 1999-02-28  Joseph S. Myers  <>
  > 	* pdp11.c: Include "recog.h".
  > 	(output_function_prologue): Remove unused variables `nregs', `i',
  > 	`offset'.
  > 	(output_function_epilogue): Remove unused variables
  > 	`may_call_alloca', `nregs', `regno', `adjust_fp'.
  > 	(output_ascii): Mark as returning void.
  > 	(print_operand_address: Likewise.
  > 	(simple_memory_operand): Remove unused variables `plus0', `plus1',
  > 	`offset'.
  > 	* pdp11.h: Declare functions `arith_operand',
  > 	`const_immediate_operand', `expand_shift_operand',
  > 	`legitimate_address_p', `notice_update_cc_on_set', `output_ascii',
  > 	`output_function_epilogue', `output_function_prologue',
  > 	`print_operand_address', `register_move_cost',
  > 	`simple_memory_operand'.
  > 	(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Parenthesise `REGNO' arg.
  > 	(REGNO_REG_CLASS): Likewise.
  > 	* Add explicit `int' to `static count' (in two places).
  > 	(addhi3): Add explicit braces to avoid ambiguous else.
  > 	(addqi3): Likewise.
  > 	(ashlhi3): Likewise.
I do not see a copyright assignment/disclaimer for you in the FSF records.

Before we can accept a change of this size you'll need to sign a copyright
assignment for the changes and possibly have your employer sign a disclaimer.

If you have questions, direct them to me.


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