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Re: Patch to support #pragma pack(push,<n>) and #pragma pack(pop)

: Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 00:31:29 -0600
: From: Jeffrey A Law <>
:   In message <>you write:
:   > One possibly controversial feature of this patch is that it moves the
:   > code for handle_pragma_weak() from gcc/varasm.c into gcc/c-pragma.c.
:   > I did this because I feel that it is better to keep as much of the
:   > pragma parsing/handling code as possible in one file.  The downside of
:   > this change is that I had to modify the files for Fortran
:   > and Chill in order to have them include ../c-pragma.o in their builds.
: Does it really make sense to allow pragmas in Chill or Fortran?  If
: it doesn't, then I'd just assume not have them link in c-pragma.

Probably not - although both parsers already had some primitive code
to handle them.

The main reason that I have to link in c-pragma.o is that it now
defines the global variable 'weak_decls' which is referenced in
varasm.o, *even if* pragmas are not actually being used by the front

I could undo this change, and move 'weak_decls' back into varasm.c
(which is where it was originally defined), which would mean not
having to modify the Chill/Fortran makefiles.


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