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Re: Exceptions workaround for older systems that don't USE_COLLECT2

  In message <>you write:
  > I think we can use named sections, and certainly if we can, we should
  > to avoid the slowness of collect2.  Enabling collect2 was Jeff Law's
  > suggestion, and knowing little about the internals at the time, I accepted
  > the fix (as time goes by, I seem to be learning more and more about how
  > these things work, and so my viewpoint is getting clearer).
I thought enabling collect2 would be simpler and I don't really know
anything about Mach-O object formats.

If you think using crt* is better, that's fine with me.  I'll table
your collect2 patch for now.

  > If no one tells me why I shouldn't, I'll build a EGCS 1.1 variant that
  > supports this strategy this weekend...
Sounds fine.

  > P.S. I could do my changes for the current egcs snapshot, but I like to
  > work on a base I know to be robust, so that I know any problems are mine.
When you actually submit the changes, it's better to submit them
against the mainline tree.  Things change rapidly in this project, so
the egcs-1.1 code may not necessarily match the current egcs sources.


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