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Re: some g77 doc'toring

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Burley <> writes:

 Craig> Thanks for doing this!  A couple of the changes look familiar
 Craig> -- perhaps you sent them before,

I sent a hurried version them too late for 1.1

 Craig> Generally it is considered "proper" to hyphenate adjective
 Craig> strings, e.g. "floating-point unit" instead of "floating point
 Craig> unit".

OED supports that specific case.

 Craig> "Indexed DO" is not a phrase I'm familiar with offhand -- I thought
 Craig> the standard (F90, if not F77) called them "iterative DO" loops.

Don't know.  Will have to look it up in the f95 draft in due course.

 >> +@uref{ }; see also

 Craig> Does "%7E" really work?  Is it "~"?

`~' isn't a legal character in a URL (unless RFC 1738 has been
superseded fairly recently).

 >> +I think both programs can either be used in a pipeline or with files.

 Craig> I think this should be "We believe", but am not really sure.

Harmful pasting from mail...  I suppose I should pull them down and

 Craig> Finally, I note several uses of "`foo'", which I *thought*
 Craig> texinfo format "wanted" as "``foo''".

Doubled open/close single quotes are TeX ligatures producing proper
double quotes and rendered as `"' by makeinfo.  I think the Texinfo
manual is misleading in what it says; will pursue with karl.  I
naturally use British/hacker quoting (per Jargon File).  I could get
Emacs to Yank single quotes if important.

 Craig> Maybe not, and/or maybe some of them should really be
 Craig> @something{foo}.

Maybe; doubtless so if this was DocBook markup.  Can check cases of
which you're doubtful.

Do I check this in after fixing it and doing suitable riting penance?


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