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Re: Reload patch version 2

  In message <>you write:
  > > The caller-saves issues are important to deal with, particularly for
  > > floating point performance on sparcs.  If you want a way to quantify
  > > the lossage for poor caller-saves code, that's the target to look at.
  > It seems like I'm going to be able to test on some Sparcs soon.  Do you
  > have any special test cases to suggest?  Otherwise I'm just going to throw
  > things like POVray or XaoS at it.
C code with a fair amount of floating point.

The X server itself was greatly improved by having caller-save.c generate
efficient code, so that may be a reasonable benchmark.  x11perf was good
at exposing improvements/regressions in the X server itself.  There
may be better server benchmarks for the X server these days.

  > > Or just run a hard reg life analysis pass after reload.   Having this
  > > info available would deal with the reorg problem mentioned above and
  > > simplify its code.  It would also be useful for the sched2 instruction
  > > splitter.
  > Do you want me to send a patch for this?  That should be easy to do.
Yea.  I've been sitting on the fence on this for a long time.  Having
accurate live/dead info after reload makes so many things simpler and
less error prone that we ought to just bite the bullet and do it.


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