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Re: Warnings in the C++ Front-End and GCC in General

First  of all, thank  you very much, Mark! I  really  like the idea of
turning warnings on and off from inside the source files; and I agree,
using #pragma is the way to go!

I anybody disagrees  this would be useful, you  should try to #include
e.g. X11R5 C header files on Sun/Solaris from within your C++ code ;-)
Due  to missing "int"  return  types, you're getting   spat by lots of

I've already  implemented this  several  years ago  (somewhere between
gcc-2.2.2 and   2.6.3), perhaps  I'll  even  be  able to  locate those
patches again. May I suggest one addition, though:

  In addition to switching warnings on and off, it would be
  useful to "restore" a warning flag's state to its previous

I believe this  is the  only way to  use this  feature inside "common"
include files, because you normally do not  know which warning flags a
particular project is using, i.e  what to do at the  end of a .h file?
Something like

  #ifndef _common_include_file_h
  # define _common_include_file_h

  #pragma gcc_disable_warn (62)
  #pragma gcc_restore_warn (62)

will then leave the warning flag's status untouched after this file has
been #include'd.

What do you think?


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