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Re: Reload patch v4

>  Here's an updated version of my reload patch.
>  Fixes since version 3:
>   - the problems with caller-save aborting should be fixed.
>   - some attempts to speed reload up a bit.
>   - more large functions broken up into manageable pieces.
>   - deleted the hack in i386.h to prevent a compiler abort while
>     compiling libgcc2.a, see my previous patch today for a
>     suggestion on how to fix this properly.

I bootstrapped succesfully on my m68k-next-nextstep3 with this  
patch; running c-torture-1.45 shows no regression w.r.t. to previous  
egcs-1.1 prerelease snapshots.

There are three reasons why I think it's useful for _me_ to test  
this patch (apart from the fact that I think it's a sound way of  
improving reload):

1. The m68k, like the ix86, has few registers, so there will be an

2. The m68k, unlike the ix86, has postincrement and predecrement
   addressing modes - this has to be tested also (see the REG_INC
   parts of the patch).

3. Using the Fortran Frontend guarantees different "forcing" of
   the backend and the reload pass.


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