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Re: -fxref bug?

Patch for include the option " -fno-rtti " (C++ & DirectX finally!!!)

Re: Patch for include the option " -fno-rtti " (C++ & DirectX finally!!!)

[1.1] fixes for g77 dvi target

[mark@markmitchell.com: Re: More Dwarf2 issues]

[PATCH] problem with static variables in template functions

AIX 4.3 needs NM_FOR_TARGET as well

Re: almost there w/ the rewrite testin' ... [Re: template enum buglet?]

alpha c++ testsuite corrections

alpha memcpy-1 failure

Re: An alpha patch for egcs 1.1

ARM port does not ignore -fpic

bug fix for array references

Bug fix for egcs-1.1

Re: Bug in egcs-1.1 (reduced testcase included)(PPC)

C++ demangling patch for win32 dll names

Can not find README.gnat

Cleanup: binding_for_name, my_tree_cons

Critical Aix bootstrap error...

cvswrite.html: user@egcs != user@localhost

Destruction of globals

Re: do we add m68060 to multilib options

doc patch for INSTALL/OpenServer

egcs accepts invalid (?) template specialization

Re: egcs for mips-wrs-vxworks?

Re: egcs mainline, more warning patches ...

egcs patch for including both string.h/strings.h (when safe)

Re: egcs, warning patches

egcs-CVS19980830 sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4 bootstrap failure + patch


fix for explicit SET modes

Fix for gcc.c-torture/special/920520-1.c on powerpc

fortran patch for compiler crash

Re: G* in rs6000/linux.h(LINK_SPEC)

g77.texi fixes

Re: gcc halfword bug

A gcc/f Makefile patch

gencheck for subdirs

gnat 3.10p patches for egcs

HAVE_VPRINTF redefinition warnings for NetBSD

Improved HANDLE_PRAGMA macro and new INSERT_ATTRIBUTES macro

Re: Improved search for reload_address_base_reg_class

Re: Incorrect code using gcc 2.8.x for Motorola 5200 Coldfire

K6 patches for review

libio-Patches needed for compilation with glibc 2.0.95

Re: The library interface again

machine attribute patch

mainline patch for issue info

Re: mips address splitting breaks named section support

Re: Missing gthr-irix.h from snapshot 19980816.

Re: More Dwarf2 issues

Re: Need someone to look at a regression

Re: next enum bit

nit: patch for typos in invoke.texi

Patch for -fcheck-memory-usage and -fprefix-function-name

PATCH for bogus namespace usage

PATCH for crash during error-reporting

PATCH for crash on bogus namepsace usage

PATCH for crash on illegal template friend declaration

PATCH for dependent_base_p

PATCH for explicit69.C

PATCH for faq.html

PATCH for friend/template ICE

patch for gcc/config/netbsd.h

Re: Patch for include the option " -fno-rtti " (C++ & DirectX finally!!!)

A patch for libstdc++

patch for local alloc / global alloc / reload problem

PATCH for member template function crash

Re: A patch for memory leak

PATCH for miscellaneous improvements

PATCH for nember class template crash

PATCH for NULL handling

PATCH for Re: infinite loop in most_general_template

PATCH for Re: more evidence that failing to detect ICE's is a significant problem

PATCH for template bug, perhaps for 1.1?

PATCH for template crash

PATCH for templates/conversion operators

A patch for testsuite

Re: A patch for testsuite (1 of 2 committed)

PATCH for vbase crash

PATCH needed to bootstrap trunk with MIPSpro C Compiler

PATCH to avoid crash with bad template arguments

Patch to change warn_write_strings to flag_const_strings

PATCH to clean up some binfo stuff

Patch to compile egcs-1.0.3a for i386-unknown-lynxos2.4.0

Re: PATCH to expand_end_loop for better optimization

Patch to fix incorrect hard register life information

Patch to fix support of C++ dllimports

PATCH to improve checking of explicit instantiations

PATCH to improve error messages

PATCH to improve handling of enumeration tags in templates

PATCH to improve printing of namespace-qualified classes

PATCH to keep Jason from pointing out what a fool I am

PATCH to restore warnings for arithmetic involving NULL

PATCH to stdexcept for namespace std

patch to supress trailing missing initializer warnings

PATCH: long long constants and -Wno-long-long

Patch: template template parm in base initializer list

Patches for TYPE_SIZE_UNIT()

Patches to the FAQ and the fatal error messages for guiding bug-reports better

Patcht to allow backends to chose the default section of a decl

ppc patch

Pragma handling patch (mkIII)

Re: problems with cvs -z9 update

Proposed patch to testsuite/lib/c-torture.exp

Proposed patch to tidy up HANDLE_PRAGMA and HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA

Propsed patch to cse.c

README patches for g77 in egcs 1.1 and mainline

reg_n_info lossage

regmove patch

Reload patch v4

Reload patch version 3

Removing __HONOR_STD


Scheduling fix (fixes gcc.c-torture/execute/980506-1.c on ppc)

script for `unincluding' header files (was Re: Patches to the FAQ and the fatal error messages for guiding bug-reports better)

small win32 ABI patch

sparc.md generates invalid opcode

Static linkage and anonymous namespace

syntax errors in new SPARC files

Re: template enum buglet?

Re: To -g or not to -g? (was: egcs build report)

type-o in mips.md

Typo fixed in tm.texi - teh

Re: Unresolved issue


Re: Warnings cleanup

win32 backend codegen fix

Your patch causes -gdwarf-2 crash

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