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Re: Static linkage and anonymous namespace

>>>>> Mark Mitchell <> writes:

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin von Loewis <> writes:

 Martin> Under the as-if rule, a conforming C++ compiler can avoid
 Martin> making members of anonymous namespaces accessible to other
 Martin> translation units.  For g++, the unique name of the
 Martin> anonymous namespace is not entirely unique, so making
 Martin> those identifiers .local improves conformance.

 >   I'm all for the end-result of this idea.

 >   But why can't we just make the definitions have internal linkage if
 > they're in an anonymous namespace?  Why do we need to introduce the
 > TREE_PRIVATE bit?  In other words, at some point the compiler decides
 > whether to make things have internal or external linkage.  Why doesn't
 > it just use the DECL_CONTEXT (recursively looking at parent contexts)
 > to see what linkage the thing should get?

Two points:

1) From this standpoint, it would also make sense to make functions that
   use types from an anonymous namespace internal; from Martin's
   description, it sounds like his patch would do that (though I haven't
   read it over).  However,

2) The whole point of the anonymous namespace is to allow file-local
   things to be used in situations where a name with external linkage is
   required; for example, in template arguments.

So I don't think the patch is a good idea.


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